How do I remove a collection item that has been paid?

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Replied by Meya on topic Re: How do I remove a collection item that has been paid?

Here is a sample for deletion letter that one of our members provided. It should be of great help to you.

Without a receipt, it will be hard to prove. I will just go ahead and dispute it through the 3 Cb's, but I also want to mention, that if it is your debt, and you admitted that you paid it, I don't think it is going to be removed because they have the right to keep it on your report even after you have paid it. Some creditors will go back from the date that you had paid it and count 7 yrs from that date.

Also check out Mary Tomkin's article where she shared some info that refer to what Hjm just told you. (It is the last 6 paragraphs)

Also, here is an article that offers 10 steps to improve your credit, she has some information in there that will help out in your situation.

Look through her articles, I know you will find a lot of interesting articles in there.
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Replied by hjm331 on topic Re: How do I remove a collection item that has been paid?

I would've asked for a formal letter before I paid off the balance. I'm not sure if you can do much without that receipt. Also, never pay by cash. If you paid by check, you could've asked for a copy of the check from your bank and you could've proved that you paid the entire balance per agreement.
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was created by brently04

I paid this debt in 2005 with cash at my local bank for an account that was closed out. The teller took my information and wrote: Paid $114.00 (with the date on a blank bank header deposit slip, or whatever its called).

They were reporting that it was unpaid until May 2008. I called and they fixed it to paid and settled.

A lady at their collection agency stated today that I had to have paid the debt before April 11, 2005. I paid this debt before this time. They said they got the account from the bank on Feb. 11, 2005 and I had 60 days before they would report it so, if I paid in that timeline they would delete it from my report.

When I called the bank to speak with the actual lady that took my $114 and fix my report in May 2008, she didn't have the date that I paid that amount.

I want this off my report...
They reported wrong forever until I noticed it when pulling my report.

What can I do? I don't have the receipt from that long ago.
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