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Replied by bizz on topic Im going to join the

Im going to join the club :)

Oh and the good news and update. I received my 2 mastercards from hsbc today. I love rush processing
Each only has a 300.00 limit but I will work on that
whoohoo so that makes me even a bit closer than i was
I know eventually I will get Harley card and Hooters card

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Replied by Meya on topic I think I am an

I think I am an addict, I may not use the cards all regularly, but I just want to have them hehehe. BAD ME!

EVENTUALLY WE WILL GET TO 700 Meya, we are on out way

Join the club right here

This is a club I had started for credit addicts. We can all get over this together. I am going to open the board up this week (again) but I am going to just leave it open. When we first started, things were sort of slow. Now that we have over 300 members I think this is the best time. You are correct, Bizz we will get there much faster than what we think
:cheesing: :innocent:
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Replied by bizz on topic I think thats a good

I think thats a good idea Meya, I finally was able to get through but I could not pay from my checking account or debit card. I had to use another credit card. It kept giving me a website error and a phone number to call when I tried. I paid it down to 10.00 but I think Ill send them the 10.00 and close it. I hope that doesnt affect my credit. I have had the Total Visa since September 7 and have never used the card. All I have done was paid the fees. So then I paid that amount on the other card. I dont want the other card to be high. But thats a hassle. I guess I shouldnt worry too much about the department store credit cards. But what I like is the coupons they send out to card holders around Christmas. (I love coupons) But you are right, high apr's are no fun anyway.
Yes I am rather happy with my cards so far. BUT I am bound and determined to get the pet awards card from B of A. They actually print your card with a picture of your pet. I was turned down but the use Experian they said, my lowest score. 38 inquiries, wow, I think I am working my way up to that as well. I think I am an addict, I may not use the cards all regularly, but I just want to have them hehehe. BAD ME!

EVENTUALLY WE WILL GET TO 700 Meya, we are on out way

:cheesing: :cheesing: :cheesing:
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Replied by Meya on topic If you can not make

If you can not make a payment online to Total, send them the full balance with a letter telling them you want to close your accont. You have pretty good cards. Don't worry about not getting department store cards, you are not misssing out on anything but higher interest rates & apr's. Your inquiries are not bad, I have 38 all together. Before you know it, we both will be knocking at the 700 club door.
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Replied by bizz on topic Thanks Meya :) I am

Thanks Meya :) I am working so hard on it. I want to be in the 700 club so badly. I have such a long way to go.

OK these are the credit cards I have and the limits and the balances. I had to get my desk organzied to get this going. None of these cards I have had more than 3 months and First Premier is the oldest at 3 months. WAMU is the youngest at only several days.

WAMU Visa, limit is 1500, balance is 700 and as soon as that transaction posts to my account (shows as pending online) I will pay 600 of it off. I have that money in the bank waiting for them to let me pay it. But I had to buy the tile to my bath enclosure and that was the only card that could handle a 700.00 charge.

Brylane Home 600 limit, 0 balance

Metrostyle 250 limit, 30 balance

First Premier, 300 limit, 10 balance

Orchard 300 limit, 20 balance

Continental 300 limit 28 balance

Total Visa, which I can not stand this card, their website freezes on me and I have not been able to pay by website but 1x, I have tried daily for 4 days. 250 limit 85 balance, Im trying to pay down the fees.

Capital One 300 limit, I paid 80 today on the 170 balance so will be at 90.

I have also decided to go for both the HSBC cards offered via mail, since they were offered by mail why not? well I was accepted on both. I have no clue what the limits are but probably 300 ish.

How soon after getting decent cards is it appropriate without to much credit damage to close total visa? I hate total Visa, with a passion. maybe the not able to access the account easily is one thing but the cards ugly too
They promised to report on their website and First premier and continental have reported 2x already (YEAH ME) but they still have not reported.

Turned down (I have so many inquiries its sick)
Dillards, Macys, Target, Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Hooters, Bank of America pet rewards, La Reduote (I am sure there is more)

I thought most peopole could get store cards easier
NOT me hehehe
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Replied by Meya on topic Those are nice scores. All

Those are nice scores. All you have to do is keep paying on time, request for clli's every chance you can get, and do not create too many inquiries. That will boost your scores up.
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Replied by bizz on topic hehehe that word charge may

hehehe that word charge may get ya in trouble.
Ill keep my fingers crossed for you on old navy and toysrus. I really want the hooters and the harley davidson cards. I work in a night club as a bartender/cocktail waitress/entertainer. (really hard to do all of the above when i worked alone)
Well I broke down and did a to get my experian score. Why oh why do I wish I didnt?
605 which could be worse, however I had a secured card that I thought I cancelled in 2003 and they never cancelled it. so in interest it built up almost 300.00 and they have reported me 39 times as delinquent and finally stopped in 2005 when they closed my account. ICK
so experian is 605, scorewatch for equifax jumped me to 623 and transunion 621

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Replied by pamela2 on topic hi bizz now i charge

hi bizz now i charge by the hour omg did i just say charge thats what got me here in the first place :cheesing: :cheesing: :cheesing: but i am glad im here because i wouldnt have meet meya and you and everybody else. i applied for a old navy card yesterday (that is the one besides the toyrus credit card (applied a month ago) that i want really really bad) and both denied me. o well im not giving up just yet because i applied twice for a hooters card and denied both times and one week ago i got a hooters card (weird) with a $1000.00 credit limit. so dont give up on anything that is what i say now because if it can happen once maybe (fingers crossed) it can happen again. :relieved: :relieved: so later k p.s. where do you work?
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Replied by bizz on topic Hi Pamela, my old boss

Hi Pamela, my old boss needs a good stapling. hehehe I like the new place I am at better but the 51 mile commute through the mountains when I work is killing me. The 9 miles was much better of a commute. But the woman is outrageous expecing me to work on my own for 9 hours straight with no help.
I agree, my mom and your Mom are probably talking about us right now and are very proud of us and how far we have come. :cheesing: :cheesing: :cheesing:

On a lighter note, HSBC has preapproved me and I was still approved when I applied online for the Atlee Burpee card and I have also been approved for their defenders of wildlife card too. I am not sure of the limit yet or if I should apply for the 2nd card with them or not but at the same time that does make me hapopy. Another approval whoohoo
Yet target, Dillards, etc have all turned me down. This credit thing sure is confusing.
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Replied by pamela2 on topic hi bizz im glad to

hi bizz im glad to hear you are getting back on your feet that is great. and you know my mom and your mom is probably sitting there having a conversation about us right now. they are probably saying how proud they are of us for making this far. and how strong we have become since they left this world behind. my son and daughter know they have a very special lady looking over them right now. and about hiring me well sure why not, who do you need stapling? i have been itching to staple someone for 2 months now . well if you need to talk anytime just let me know k later. pamela :cheesing:
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Replied by bizz on topic Thank you thank you thank

Thank you thank you thank you everyone. I am so glad to know I am not alone in this :)
You have all been very helpful and I offered to pay the 222 if they remove it from my credit reports I am waiting on a response. I receiveed my 1500 limit credit card today and its a WAMU Visa :) I am so happy someone out there is giving me a chance. I was turney down for the Harley card and the Hooters card though I also got a score watch report from equifax and went up to 613 on equifax I disputed one of my invalids :) i am so excited.
hehehe I love it about the loaded staple gun hmmmmm can I hire you? (giggles)
Yes I am making wonderful money now and want to get back on track. I am 33 years old and will not be able to do my job for more than a few more years. I need to get the credit ball rolling. I want to open a bed and breakfast and also rehab houses and sell them for profit. This all takes credit.
:cheesing: :cheesing: :cheesing:

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom as well Pamela. It is hard and everyday I miss my Mom so much its unreal for me. The hardest part is my 5 year old son goes in the closet and "talks to her"
but you are so right about not suffering any more and sometimes I realize that I need to be glad for that at least. Thank you so much all of you, you are so wonderful and I am so glad to have found you.

OK ALL with wamu I get a free credit score every month with transunion and its higher than equifax I have 621 with transunion and 613 with equifax <doing the happy dance> I like to see that

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Replied by PaulaF on topic Hi Bizz, Man it sounds like

Hi Bizz,
Man it sounds like you are really having a rough time. I read your posting a few days ago and couldn't believe what I was reading. I wasn’t going to put in my two cents but since Meya threw my name out there, :cheesing: I guess I will comment on your situation. As for the mortgage situation, since I'm not a lawyer and I don’t pretend to be one, I won't be able to give you any advice. It does sound like fraud if you were lead to believe that you were indeed buying a home from these people. I hope you still have a copy of that Craiglist posting and your signed contract indicating just that so when you do contact a lawyer you can explain and show proof that you were deceived. Good Luck with that.

However, I can provide you with advice regarding the collection account. What the collection agency is doing has become a common practice now of days. Creditors are selling their old charged-off accounts to collection agencies for pennies on the dollar. The collection agencies are figuring some consumers will pay on these old accounts and the collection agencies will end up making a profit. All of this is perfectly legal.

Now if the account has been charged-off over seven years ago, (and since you said the debt was from 2001 it seems to be within the seven year time frame) the collection agency cannot re-enter this account on your credit bureau file. Each state has a statute of limitation on how long a debt is still considered legally collectible. You may want to find this out for sure by contacting the Attorney General in your city and asking them what is the Statute of Limitation on a debt in your state.

My suggestion to you is to pay the $222.00 and be done with it but before you pay them ask if they would be willing to have the debt removed from your credit report and if they agree make sure you get it in writting. I can only assume if you’re making between $1K - $5K a week and from what you describe, you don’t seem to have much debt, paying the balance shouldn’t cause too much stress for you. Yet, if you strongly feel that the collection account is bogus and you don’t own anything, then go ahead and dispute it, the worst that could happen is you’ll receive a letter from the credit report agency saying that you debt is legit and you owe the money. I hope this was helpful.
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Replied by pamela2 on topic hi Bizz I'm Pamela Meya's

hi Bizz I'm Pamela
Meya's right im carrying a loaded staple gun (its my husband cable staple gun and the staples are as big as a large paper clip) and a tool belt that is full of extra staples and i think its now attached to my hip and i have lost the feeling in my left side. :cheesing: :cheesing: :cheesing: :cheesing: :cheesing:. But seriously I'm sorry to hear about your mom, I lost my mom 3 years ago. I miss her every day but i know she is in a better place and that she isn't suffering anymore. People says it gets better with time so i sit and think of all the good times we had and it makes me laugh when i think we used to do some of the funnest things. The only thing i regret is my mom didn't get to see her grandson be born, but God took her to look over him and his sister. Sorry i got carried away but if you need to talk i'm here or on the floor where i cant walk for the numbness in my legs :cheesing: :cheesing: :cheesing: you take care ok later and Meya we better found them soon my poor side can't take no more :cheesing: :cheesing: and im getting a itchy trigger finger and i might start stapling things. :dumbfounded: :dumbfounded:
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Replied by Meya on topic Whew, ok, Bizz you can

Whew, ok, Bizz you can dispute that with the CRA becasue they will know that it is the same account. They can not add duplicates to your credit report, so this should be a little easy for you to dispute.

Quote me wrong when you said that you make $1k-5k per week, if that is true, then I would go ahead and pay off on the baddies. Before you do, make sure that you write them a letter for them to agree to take it off your creidt report if you make a pif to them. If that is not what you said, then hey it's still income and a lot of people don't even make that much. :cool:

Bizz good credit comes with time and hard work, and staying on top of your finances. You are not the only one here trust me, I wish I could make it to the 700 club (scores) as we speak, but I have dealing with 3 baddies that are taking forever to come off of my report. :shocked:

Take a look at the forum titled "Nice cards to apply for" there you will find some cards that will fit into your category. While you are browsing and applying someone here will add some info to your situation. Cliffton is here pretty regularly and so is Pamela2. Pamela2 can be of good support with your story, I know she would not mind a message from you regarding the lost of your mother, I am so sorry to hear about that. I believe you two could help support each other. Pamela2 is someone who will have you ont he floor laughing like you are crazy. Let me make sure she has put her weapons down before you meet her, we are out looking for credit frauders who has probably tampered with her credit unlawfully and she is still wondering around with a fully loaded staple gun. I dont want to sruprise her :cheesing:

I am not too good with the mortgage situation but there are some stories here that was mentioned about a month ago. I believe Sally or Paula would be of more help to you on that situation. I don't see them around regularly but you would probably want to send them.....................I tell you what, I will send them a message to come in and read your post, that would probably be better.

Good Luck! You will have some good advice here soon.
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was created by bizz

Hi all, I am new to the board and thought I would introduce myself, The Good, the bad and the ugly. OK this is my problem with my credit and what I have been through and what I am trying to do. Mom fell ill with Pancreatic cancer in 2005. She wanted to see where I was going to retire, so I left Southern California in a hurry to move to Montana. I NEVER had a credit card and never needed one. Well when I went to finance a house I had 542 credit. I was crushed, and only Equifax would let me see my report because I couldnt answer questions about me online, such as what county I live in in states I never lived in. So devestated I bought a house sight unseen from a lister on Craigs list. sent them 13,000.00
and moved in, forgetting about my credit report. I paid so called house payments until I got a forclosure notice from the real owners, although this is not on my credit, these people I "bought" the home from were actually buying the house and didnt own it. YES, i am dumb. or credit ignorant anyway. OK so the real owners are letting me buy the house and I agreed on accepting 340 as month form the bad guys with a prom note they sent. I got one payment from them. OK aside from that, I looked up my credit report again and I have things from 2001 that I didnt do, but they were old and I decided to dispute them. Mind you I still only was able to access Equifax. I have bought score watch and 3 credit reports from them since early September. One was dropped and one account sent me a letter stating I owe 382.00 from Portfolio Recovery that bought a debt from First Bank of Omaha, and one was changed from 2225.00 to 222.00 after the dispute. I was at a 616 after getting First Premier and Orchard and Brylane Home. After the dispute I was down to a 592? what happened? Portfolio Recovery bought a debt that I still dont remember from 8/2001 in 4/2007 and now it shows account opened in 4/2007. So it looks like I defaulted on this debt in 4/2007 and added another collection to my report. So I am disputing again? Is that legal? They did indeed show me the last 4 digits of my7 social? I have no clue what it is but Ill leave 2001 alone BUT 2007? How can they do that? ANyway in the meantime I got a preapproval for WAMU and filled out the online and got 1500.00 and Capital One 300.00. I have my capital One card and WAMU stated in 7-10 days. So I thought to myself some of these low credit score department stores might take me. OH by the way, I make anywhere from 1000-5000 a week and thats hard to explain in itself. I am in the entertainment field. So I put 46000.00 on my applications. DENIED from everywhere. I think I stupidly applied to 7 or 8 places. NOW the only real negatives I have, I have paid for, Sprint, Edison (a power Bill) and QWEST all from 2000-2001. Of course they are still on my credit. So it looks like Portfolio Recovery is the only one I am concerned about. The 2225 that was lowered to 222, was an apartment that stated I damaged the place and I showed and proved all damages they are claiming were in the walk through report signed off by management when I moved in THAT THEY PROVIDED ME. ANy advice? Dis this company do something illegal stating that the acount was opened in 4/2007, when it was an account from 8/2001?
I really want good credit. I am 33 years old and have lived a sheltered life with mom now that she is gone. I am so lost
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