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Its my understanding that they go by what you put on your credit applications. You can get them to update it if it is incorrect.
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I know it is done with your application, but I thought it was added from the IRS or manually. Since they can not add salary or anything important, I think it is up to us. I remember when I used to provide in home care for an elderly person, it was added to my cr as Dept of Social Services and I had NOT applied for any type of credit. I am thinking they use another soft file that we don't see, I know the insurance company's do this for medical reasons, and they also have one to see if you are a habitual lawsuit filer. :worried:
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As far as I know, they get that information off your credit applications that you submit. Have you applied for any recent CC's lately with your new employer info?
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I had to physically type my information into Experian from Credit Expert.

When they ran my credit whence co-signing for my sister, they asked all that pertinent information and it was changed in each bureau they ran my credit through.
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Does anyone know how employer information is reported to the credit agencies? Is this something your employer does, or is it based on the employer that you list on credit card applications?

I'm only asking because I started a job at New York University 6 months ago, and my previous employer is still on all of my reports. I thought that if the employer that I list on applications doesn't match the one on my reports, it may cause problems.

I know that I can contact the agencies with proof of employment to get things changed, but was just wondering how it gets updated.

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