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You wont believe me if I tell you that my family has over 15 accounts with Chase. 6 business accounts, 5 credit card accounts, 4 personal accounts, and also 2 saving accounts. As always they treat us with excellent service.
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Congrats! Chase treats their customers very well, right along with Citi they listen to what their customers want and try very hard to meet our needs! As our lifestyles change so does our purchases, starting out on the rebuilding path we take what we can get and are thankful for it! Years later as our credit matures we need to remove those training wheels so to speak and start growing into cards that fit our lifestyles, which obviously in your case makes sense! Your hard work is paying off and you deserve it! Enjoy your new card!
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Congrats Wanderer! you will love this card and the rewards are awesome. That's a nice Credit Limit. I have been always a Chase lover ever since they came to MI in 2005. Theirs something about them I always like, Good credit cards and excellent banking system. They are the best in my opinion.
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Congrats Wanderer ! You know me, always looking for the best card to apply for, so what does the Ultimate Reward Program have over my Amex Premier Rewards card ? Want to take the Credit Score out for a whirl but only for something head and shoulders above AMEX. Again, congrats, you have helped so many people on this site and your new card is "thanks" for your hard work and help here !
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was created by Wanderer

Report that I was able to obtain a Chase Freedom Mastercard with a $13,500 CL and purchases at 12.99% apr with the cash apr at 19.24% (best posted rates). Card has Ultimate Rewards. I finally closed out my Chase Flexible Rewards Visa Card with a bin number of 4185-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (left over from Providian and Washington Mutual days). A real Chase Card and number. It took about twenty minutes with a lending representative after I applied through the Mastercard site (Chase Lending explained this is how I get the Chase Mastercard instead of the Chase Visa card version). The online sent me the 10 to 14 or maybe even 30 day note. I had a phone number for Chase Lending and called right away. They were quite customer oriented and quite comprehensive in their review. Chase did note my BK7 from 09/2001 when we were talkng and Chase did not see a problem but asked me about it. WOW, I am so excited to move in the main stream of credit!!! Card will be expedited two days through United Parcel Service. Ultimate Rewards has the quarterly 5% and 1% all other spending with bonuses buying through partners. BT's 15 months 0% both purchases and balance transfers at 0%. When I received the Chase Freedom Mastercard, I found they added "Blue Print" to the account. I am impressed!

Will obtain a product upgrade to the Chase Freedom World Mastercard after six months of performace with the new card (need a minimum CL of $5,000 for the product conversion - no problem with CL $13.5). Note, Chase will use the credit reporting information from the Chase Flexible Rewards Visa Card (seven years credit history) so I don't look like a credit newbee. Also, they made two hard inquiries with Experian being viewed by First USA and Equifax being viewed by Chase.

Very excited to loose the old account (did not have to close it but I chose to loose the old account and number). They will even allow me balance transfers and great rewards with the real Chase Card. Since being brought over in March 2006, Chase brought all of us over from Washington Mutual and then never did anything with us and did not allow us to make changes and so on. Chase did offer fair rewards.

Could NOT find the Chase Freedom Card so I was unable to report on the Credit Card site.
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