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Written by: fstqwenbtc on 2009-02-04

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fstqwenbtc's review: Callout Comment I've only had my card for a few months now but the charges are outrages! I have a line and it won't take long to use it up at these rates.

My first payment was due on 12/6/08 Of $20.00, I made it on 12/8/08 without realizing the due date, so when I received my next statement said my next payment was $71.09. Upon calling the transactions were as follows:

$20.00 payment

20.00 late fee

20.00 next payment

9.95 monthly account maintenance fee

1.14 cardsafe (I didn't know I had to have it)



But I could go ahead and make a phone payment while she was on the line for an additional $14.00, I said she was crazy! (that's almost a full payment)Then my next option would to make a payment online with a charge of $4.95, which I did on 12/28/08. So you really have no options with this company where it's not going to cost you more and more on top of their already outrages finance charge. I'm paying this thing off in Feb. And canceling the account myself, I didn't need their card to start with.


Comment 1 by colonative
Read The Fine Print User Icon on 2009-02-05

Remarks Cards like this exist to feed off of people who think they have no other option then these cards.

I believe that companies like this are downright evil; however, as an adult you have to take the time to read and understand the fine print.

You also have to be really proactive with due dates. With most cards these days-even prime banks-you really don't have time to sit on the bill, you should try to send the payment as soon as you get the bill.

I am not sure about your credit situation; however, I always try to steer people to a Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo or US Bank secured card. Sure, you have to come up with the funds to open the account but you are doing that anyway with the fees that Tribute and First Premier charge. And if you prove yourself you will have a prime bank account that will become unsecured within 6 to 18 months-and you get your deposit back.

I suggest trying Bank of America. Go to their website here: http://www.Bankofamerica.com/creditcards/ and enter your information in the "See if you are preapproved for one of our cards." This is a soft inquiry so it will not cost you anything. Hopefully they will say that you are preapproved for their secured card. I would go for it if you can. And since you have not invested too much time with Tribute you could kick them to the curb after getting a secured BofA card.

Good luck.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Tribute User Icon on 2009-02-06

Remarks What a piece of work. They border on the unethical and legal borderlines (bottom feeders). Sub-prime is an understatement. I concurr with the previous review. The reviewer laid it all out for you. Even if you are only able to open a major secured credit card with $300 it will lead to bigger and better things. I speak with experience!
Comment 3 by wildrage2
Huh? User Icon on 2009-02-06

Remarks He paid late, so he get a late fee. That late fee isn't even that much... Last time I checked BoA and Citi late fees were more than $20.

If you are making late payments on your rebuilder cards, it may be the best move just to close them all and start when you can make the payments on time. The last think you want to do is continue to worsen your credit. The way I look at it is, rebuilder cards aren't really used for purchases, etc... They are just for establishing a history to increase your score... You shouldn't have them get anywhere over 35%.

The first thing you should do it go to myFICO.com and pull your true credit scores... Based on that, you should apply to different cards. In general, if you have under 500, you either deal with cards like Tribute, Continental Finance, etc. Or go with a secure card. If you have above a 500, I would try Orchard Bank. If you're in the 550-600 range, Capital One, Hooters, and store cards may be a good bet... Check out the posts on this site for guidance.
Comment 4 by colonative
RE: Huh? User Icon on 2009-02-07

Remarks Yes, you have a point, a late fee is a late fee. My point is that these are terrible cards and when all the fees are added up (account set up, monthly maintence etc) people would be better off getting a secured card from a reputable and prime bank.

Citi, BofA etc have better online account management and for a while there BofA offered phone payments for free.

I guess it comes down to choice. If I were in a situation that warranted it, I would rather shell out $500 to get a secured card from BofA, Citi, US Bank or Wells Fargo. Within months the card would be unsecured, I'd have my money back and I would rather see a prime bank reporting on my credit report then 1st Bank of Delaware.
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