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Written by: djohnson7000 on 2007-08-10

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djohnson7000's review: Callout Comment You said there r good companies out there... But at least they don't scam ppl. Have u taken a look around... The consumers are the one's who r scamming these companies as well by not paying there bill. So believe it's the Pot calling the Kettle black. What goes around comes around. Your credit can be damaged either two ways; late payments or u just don't pay your bill. More ppl would rather not pay then anything. So when the companies don't get paid they lose out on money they entrusted with you.

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Comment 1 by sarahn
What You Sow Is What You Reap! User Icon on 2008-09-25

Remarks Well sd ms djohnson!

those who make their payments on time are able to build their credit, but those who fail to make their payments on time, spare some time to post their wrong reviews about these companies forgetting that they were the ones who took an extra effort to issue them a credit card so that they may build their damn smashed credit scores!!! Friends understand one thing that if there is no pain then you can't expect a gain ever. Remove your black goggles and look at the sky that its still blue not black... Remove the speck from your eye and then try to point the others eye's speck!!! Do good so that everything will be done best to you back... All the best for those who are trying to build your credit scores adn we all know that to live in USA with reputation we need to have a good credit history so that we may be offered something goood by some good companies... God bless!
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