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Written by: nyc123 on 2009-01-16

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nyc123's review: Callout Comment Well I just turned 18 and was approved for a macys card a few days back... So I thought about opening a bank account... While I was opening a bank account at chase they asked me if I wanted a credit card... I said ok... A few minutes later he said I was approved for a chase freedom Visa signature card for $8000. Damm that was awesome... Meaning I just went there to open a bank account so I could deposit a check from college... This was awesome... Love chase


Comment 1 by brian23
WOW!!! User Icon on 2009-01-16

Remarks You are seriously on a roll for someone who just started establishing credit. 8K limit? Thats awesome. I know people who have had credit for 10 yrs and don't have that high of a limit. Congrats to you! Now that you have a store and bank card, I would probably refrain from applying for anything else for a while. U need to def let your accounts age and get some positive history on your CR.
Comment 2 by charonh
I Agree! User Icon on 2009-01-17

Remarks With Brian23 and congrats on your approval and credit line. Use it wisely!
Comment 3 by thomas1
Chase User Icon on 2009-01-17

Remarks Congrats, and yes, great limit! I am getting to like Chase. I also have Chase Freedom Signature for about 6 months now with a $8900 credit line.

Use the card wisely as stated above, and keep all your card balances very low, under 30% utilization.

In this economy, no one is immune to credit line decreases and account closures.

You are building your credit wisely and quickly, and you will have a much easier time of things with good scores.

Congrats again!
Comment 4 by eldarwen
This Is A Great Card User Icon on 2009-01-17

Remarks Congrats on the card! I have this card as well with a $5,000 CL and 12.24% APR. I am going to take that and run. The rewards add up quickly. My advice would be to pay in full every month otherwise the rewards are kind of worthless.
Comment 5 by wanderer
Congratulations! User Icon on 2009-01-17

Remarks Now I have a Chase Platimun Visa with $13,500 Credit Line at 10.24% APR. Years ago the card was Providian and then Washington Mutual. Today, Chase. They are taking care of me. They will take care of you!
Comment 6 by meya
Woe User Icon on 2009-01-17

Remarks That was really nice! Chase makes me feel bad now, they are out approving 18 yr olds and kicking the 38 yr olds to the curve... Lol. Like everyone said, use the card wisely and put a hold on other cards. I know the approval sounds and feels good, but is best that you gain some history first.
Comment 7 by colonative
Not That You Don't Deserve It. User Icon on 2009-01-18

Remarks But giving an 18 year old an $8K credit limit? I was 23 before I got above $5K.

You must be an authorized user on your parents cards because if not then I think Chase needs to be a little more careful; this is how a lot of the other banks got into trouble.

I don't even think most 36 year olds should have $8K limits.

Congratulations nonetheless and take care of it.
Comment 8 by mark
Use It Wiselt User Icon on 2009-01-19

Remarks Since our job here is to help one another..

please take this a a friendly advice, from someone who's been there, done that kind of guy!

being 18 and on your way to building a credit history, be VERY WISE on how you spend.

you mentioned you're opening an account with Chase, I HOPE you also opened a SAVINGS account in addition to a checking account. Right?

even though CHASE gave you $8000, you should only spend what you can pay... So let's say you have 1000 on your checking and 500 on your savings,

don't go out there buying laptops worth 2000 ( MAcbook PRO) or flatscreen TVs.

in the end, the amount you owe should be lower than your total assets ( savings + checking etc)
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