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Written by: alit123 on 2009-01-09

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alit123's review: Callout Comment I have had this card since 2004 with a $1500 limit and currently have a 733EQ and called in to see if I can get a CLI. They told me that I cant get an increase because I don't have a real estate or mortgage. A MORTGAGE what are you talking about. I need to own a house to get a CLI. They are nuts!! His card is the lowest CL I have. I immediately closed the account... Never going to target again!!


Comment 1 by brian23
That's Pretty Crazy... User Icon on 2009-01-09

Remarks That they said that to you. I can't believe having mortgage on your CR somehow qualifies you for the increase.
Comment 2 by cfmdev49
Hmmm....that Is Strange... User Icon on 2009-01-09

Remarks I've never heard of any card company requiring an applicant to have a mortgage to get a cli... That's just plain weird! I wonder if you just had the bad luck of getting a rep that didn't know what he/she was talking about...
Comment 3 by ashes
Excuses User Icon on 2009-01-10

Remarks Companies like Target Visa make all sorts of excuses to keep credit limits down. And espacially in this economy, CLIs are few and far between. I am surprised they did not give you a CLI after 4 years! Not worth the hassle really. Good riddance to Target Visa!
Comment 4 by thomas1
TARGET User Icon on 2009-01-10

Remarks That's exactly what happened to you. It was an outright lie. Creditors, these days, are coming up with some real doozies for not increasing limits. Even people applying for new credit are seeing denials for ridiculous bureau report reasons.

Would be nice if they just fessed up as to why they can't increase the limits or not!

I would have closed it too, no matter what the FICO point loss was.
Comment 5 by lindalu
F.y.i User Icon on 2009-01-11

Remarks I was once told by chase that I had such a high limit because I have a mortgage.!!!... Rep told me it has something to do with having equity... And mortgage loans are pluses... Don't know why... Just thought I would comment
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