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Written by: karlajean on 2008-12-24

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karlajean's review: Callout Comment I just got approved for this card, (1500 cl, and 18.99 apr, $39 af.) I am recovering from a 6 month layoff earlier this year and got behind in several house payments, but currently am on the right track. I was amazed that I got approved as I am in a Debt Management Program, (half way through), yet received such a credit limit. I guess things are looking up.

HSBC applied my af to my card immediately, however I paid it the next day, (and now have a $1 credit... Whooohooo!)

I noticed on several reviews / comments that there is a hold placed when dining out and with gas. My plan is to use this card for groceries, gas, incidentals, and then pay it every two weeks, (when I get paid, HSBC gets paid based on how much I have spent.)

Any comments on this plan of action, (i. E. Paying every two weeks versus every month.)

Any info would be great!

Also... This website rocks!!!


Comment 1 by charonh
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-12-24

Remarks On your new card and recovery, I go inside and pay for my gas purchases in advance with my credit cards to avoid the hold being placed on my card. Enjoy!
Comment 2 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-12-24

Remarks Congrats, keep us posted in the comments with your overall usage of this card. To avoid any finance charges, I say you can pay it off prior to statement closing(s).

It's OK to carry a balance, just don't carry a lot (35% at the most). Creditors tends to show love to those that they can make some money off of But since this is HSBC, don't take my last sentence too serious;y... Lol. Merry Xmas!
Comment 3 by casey
Watch Out!!! User Icon on 2008-12-24

Remarks Be careful using your card at pay at the pump... BAD CHOICE!!! Discover(not HSBC) puts a $75 hold on your account for 10 days(at least that is what is was for me). You will NOT have access to those funds. I found out the hard way... Pay inside or don't use for gas. The hold can not be taken off either... I tried.

For dining out, it is OK, providing the final sale matches the original authorization amount... If they don't they will hold the original amount for at least a week, and you will NOT have access to those funds... So don't add tip to the card, pay that in cash. It is fine for groceries and fast food...
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: Casey User Icon on 2008-12-26

Remarks This card isn't operated by Discover so Karlajean doesn't have to worry about that hold. When I used to fill up gas on Best Buy Mastercard, I'd always see a pending charge for $1.00 and that's the gas station verifying your account.
Comment 5 by colonative
Holds User Icon on 2008-12-26

Remarks I have noticed on my "real" Discover that there is a hold that lasts for days for gasoline purchases. It is a pain especially if you have a lower credit line.

I can't believe HSBC is still offering this card, I thought it was going away.
Comment 6 by casey
RE: Hjm331 User Icon on 2008-12-26

Remarks Sorry, I have to disagree with you. This is a Discover Network Card, and is subject to the same holds as a regular Discover card... I went through it myself, why would I lie??? I called HSBC to complain and that is what I was told... It happened at pay at the pump gas, and it happened to me at a restaurant when I made the mistake of adding a tip.

The BestBuy MC is different... I have one of those too. You are correct that that is only a $1 hold...

I don't get why you compared Discover and MasterCard. They are different.
Comment 7 by meya
RE: Casey User Icon on 2008-12-27

Remarks I never had a discover card, but I would like to add a few cents about the pump. All pumps do not operate the same way. I used to work for Chevron and when you brought the card to the window, we would authorize (or put a hold) on your card according to the vehicle size. If a rig came through, we can do a hold for $300, if an SUV comes through, we can do a hold for $100, and if compact- full sized cars came through, we can do $25-$50.

Remember, this is done at the window. Our pumps would do its own hold depending on what type of card that was used. I have had some people complaining about it holding $50 and all she came through with was a 4 cylinder bucket. I brought this attention to my boss and she told me it authorizes different on certain cards and she has no control of it. Believe me, it was those who used a discover or Amex who it hit the most. I use my debt card a lot, and like hjm stated, it only takes $1 off. And I believe that is just to guarantee that they will get paid or to verify an open account.

I don't think either one of you are lying, I believe the both of you experienced different processing on different pumps in different locations. Just my opinion and real life story, please don't slice my throat you two... Lol
Comment 8 by hawk
RE: Casey User Icon on 2009-01-02

Remarks I have the HSBC Discover card they don't hold the full amount or Double hold like some vendors do. If I get gas it's a dollar hold charge. The charge generally takes four days to a week to post. The funny thing about HSBC's Discover is the billing cycle takes a while to post. I hadn't used it in a few months used it for some Christmas gifts in November it just finally came due the other day. Not that I'm complaining lol. The first time I used the card was the same way. There are vendors like Pepboys and other vendors will hold double for purchases I have called creditors about this it is done by the stores or gas stations to protect thems selves as explained by a creditor.
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