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Written by: sg2416 on 2008-12-15

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sg2416's review: Callout Comment I applied back in may 08 and I was denied. This was before I became a FG member and uneducated as to where I wanted my credit to go and the goals I have set for myself. I have learned a lot and have shared some good tips with others. I especially pay attention to Ms. Meya and Hjmm, you guys are too cute (and there are others as well).

Anyway, I am now a family member (I was so lonely) and will protect my C1 with all my being.

I don't no all the particulars yet, when I receive the card I will give an update!


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-12-15

Remarks U go Girl, welcome to the Cap1 family! I am so glad to hear that you did not give up. This will be a good story for those who were not so fortunate to get one then. All they got to do is hold on, Cap1 will be there for you in a matter of time. Patience is the key to a cap 1 success. Keep us posted with you initial cl and please let us know if you got the credit steps letter with the card. Have fun and do not spend it all in one place... Lol.

PS, no wonder why I have not heard from my lil bro, he is to busy blushing... Thanks sg2416!
Comment 2 by colonative
Capital One User Icon on 2008-12-15

Remarks Congratulations, they are a keeper. Like Meya said, be patient, I have seen way too many people close out their Capital One cards because they get impatient, I can say from experience that after nearly 11 years they have really opened doors for me; they were my first card.

They will do all sorts of upgrads and APR reductions for you over the years.

Good luck.
Comment 3 by jake9999
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-12-15

Remarks Congratulations on your new Capital One credit card! They are a great company and this is a great card. Expect a credit limit increase within about 3 months. Keep us posted on your credit limit and APR.
Comment 4 by brian23
Congrats... User Icon on 2008-12-15

Remarks On the approval. And yes, as everyone else has said, you are now in good hands with Cap1. I just got their card in early October. They started me out with a 300 CL and last week, I called the back door number and got them to double my limit to 600.

And the best part is, this is before my credit steps kicked in. BTW, I got that letter last week too and within my 1st 7 billing cycles I am going to be seeing an additional 700 increase. So, for only having the card for 7 mths, I am going to have a 1300 limit with them. I am extremely excited and I will definitely be holding on to this one for a while.
Comment 5 by charonh
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-12-15

Remarks On your approval and new card. I wish you much success in your credit endeavors.
Comment 6 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-12-17

Remarks Congrats on the new approval! Sorry I came late to the party. Thanks for the compliment and hope you enjoy your new card. I agree, thanks for sharing your experience with us as it will help our fellow members and give them hope that they too will get approved for a Cap 1 card in the near future. Take care of this card and it will open doors to many other cards as everyone else stated.

Good Luck
Comment 7 by sleewertz
What Is A Backdoor Number? User Icon on 2008-12-18

Remarks Sorry I am new to this sight. Don't know the language yet.
Comment 8 by meya
No Problem User Icon on 2008-12-18

Remarks Welcome to FG, we are so glad to meet you!

Ok, follow this link, not only is it a backdoor number for cap1 but backdoor numbers to plenty of more.

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