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Written by: coolkidny on 2008-12-13

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coolkidny's review: I applied for this card on a whim and was told to wait for further processing, I got the card in the mail 2 weeks later with a 1,000 limit


Comment 1 by thomas1
Congrats on 2008-12-13

Congrats on your approval from State Farm. I have friends who have this card and love it. I believe that they offer a rewards program with this card as well?

What were your scores at the time of approval?

It helps those who may want to apply for this card.

Good luck with continued usage of your card. Keep us updated on it.
Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: on 2008-12-13

Congrats on your new approval and welcome to FG!
Comment 3 by meya
Cool on 2008-12-13

Way to go! If I am not mistaken, I thought that I heard someone say this card approves according to where you reside. Anyway, congrats on your approval & please keep us updated with your overall experience with the card. Oh, one more thing, could your share your overall credit + scores, it could really help the next person out who may want to apply.
Comment 4 by elvilimon197
Re: Applied For On A Whim on 2012-02-28

Please some one tell me if I could get approved for this card! I have a tax lien and 1 collection but my score is 669/526/652 besides the tax lien i haven missed any payment for the last 4 years. I would hate to apply and add an inquirie to my credit report. PLEASE HELP soe one! any one whit similar situation
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