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Written by: steph on 2007-08-04

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steph's review: Callout Comment This was the first unsecured card that would approved me. At the time my score was 510. I had a mountain of debt, and they started me off with $200 and a $69 annual fee. If your trying to rebuild credit, this card works, don't go over the limit and don't pay late. My only complaint is The APR is high 24%, just pay your balances in full every month if you can. It works it just takes a little discipline, especially with such a low limit.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Steph User Icon on 2007-08-05

Remarks How long have you had this card? My reason for asking is because I went into an APR rage today on all of my creditors. I spoke with an account manager and told here that I wanted to close this accouint because they never decreased my APR. Well guess what? She lowered it to 8.99% (from 23%)which is the floor price, she also stated, "I apologize, but you should have received a lower APR a long time ago Since we value your excellent account handling and do not want you to leave, I will put it into effect right now." Wahooo, three down, six more to go.
Comment 2 by steph
Re:Meya User Icon on 2007-08-05

Remarks Meya,
I had this card for two years and before credit forums like this one, I never thought to dispute the APR's because I was so happy someone gave me a credit card. But after reading your review I think I should have a lower APR as well. The thing is I would always use like $50 on the card per month, and pay it off in full. After 6 months of doing that I started getting other offers with better APR's. My Orchard card is now a sockdrawer ornament for it served it's initial purpose. Thanks for the info Meya, I think I owe them a phone call just for the heck of it.
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