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Written by: kenjjl on 2008-12-10

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kenjjl's review: Callout Comment Have had this card for over a year and have never gotten a cli iam still stuck at $500.00 I have asked three times.


Comment 1 by colonative
HSBC User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks If you take a look at all of the HSBC posts you will see that this is a common thread. They tend to be very strict with their increases.

My advise is to hang on to it and keep it active, then hopefully next summer or fall you can request a CLI.

HSBC was already scroogie with their CLI's but during the current (and probably ongoing) credit crisis they are really tightening up. Just hang in there, things will be rough for a while.
Comment 2 by meya
Welcome User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks You are not alone! Welcome to the bank that cracks us in the head with shovels when asking for cli's.
Comment 3 by arod
Thanks ..MEYA..LOL User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks You are more likely to get stuck by lighting than to get a credit line increase. I have there Best buy M/c and wont even bother. See HSBC doesn't want us to use there card. That's what I believe.

just wait for a while and good luck,

Comment 4 by brian23
Is That Really A Good Idea??? User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks I am having the same problem with this card, but is it a good idea to wait it out and until they increase the limit? Reason being, my card is coming up for renewal in May and if they are not going to increase my limit, I don't really know that I want to pay the 79 dollar annual fee for the MasterCard.
Comment 5 by cireone
HSBC User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks Dont hold your breath on CLIs from them. I have an orchard and bestbuy rewardzone MasterCard for two years and all they gave me was $20 CLI on both. But it is to my understanding that when you apply for the store card Beneficial Financial is the company that gets the report. Are they a subsidiary of HSBC?????
Comment 6 by colonative
Beneficial User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks Beneficial is a subsidiary of HSBC. It was Household Bank's finance division. I have never heard of Beneficial issuing a credit card, they handle finance contracts for the most part.
Comment 7 by thomas1
Beneficial User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks Yes, Beneficial Finance is owned by HSBC, and has been for many many years. Very high risk, interest rate ridiculous loan company.

Remember loans from these types of lenders look bad on a tradeline.

As for HSBC cards, they aren't strict, they are down right stingy. Go figure, foreign owned, HongKong Shanghai Banking Corp, growing by leaps and bounds worldwide.

Don't expect anything from them if you're a rebuilder, or are already in. Use it as a stone-stepping card, get better ones, Cap One, Citi, BOA or Hooters, and kick em to the curb.

Use them to get the points and credit history, and close it when you obtain better ones. They also suck you in, just for hope that you'll never close. As far as Best Buy, I don't mess with department store cards at all. I figure why do I need them when I have cards valid everywhere, but I know they are good for credit mix so I'm not knocking that. I just hate it when I shop, and they nag me to sign up. It has turned me away from them
Comment 8 by tia530
You're Not Alone User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks I have the best buy reward zone MC, it's approaching a year old with no CLI in sight, I too am "stuck like Chuck" i'll ride with them a bit longer, perhaps we may see a CLI somewhere down the line.

Comment 9 by cfmdev49
I Really Like This Card... User Icon on 2008-12-12

Remarks I applied in store about 6 months ago... Got a $3100 limit... Haven't gotten any increases yet, but don't really need one... Plus with the meltdown of the financial markets would probably be turned down anyway...
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