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Written by: bojangles on 2008-12-10

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bojangles's review: I received a letter in the mail yesterday informing me that my account will be suspended for an undetermined time while they sell the card to MetaBank. So, everyone with a Rewards 660 card, to prevent embarassment, don't use it! I will be calling to complain, expecting a monthly fee and partial annual fee refund!


Comment 1 by charonh
Forum Thread on 2008-12-10

There's a specific thread regarding this in the forum you may want to check out. Good luck!
Comment 2 by barbaraj80
?? on 2008-12-10

Is there a link to it?? I have the same problem and am curious as to whats up...
Comment 3 by yoyo11
WOW on 2008-12-10

That's all I could say
Comment 4 by charonh
Here's The Link You Requested on 2008-12-10

Comment 5 by mrs628
That Explains It!! on 2008-12-10

I have been trying to log on to make a payment but it kept saying that my acct could not do that. Then the rewards 660 central website didn't exist anymore... So I'm thinking because I haven't used the card that much that they canceled my acct. Thanks for the info. Wasn't this card Metabank before??
Comment 6 by barbaraj80
Thx on 2008-12-11

Thank you for the info =)
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