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Written by: patrick12 on 2008-11-22

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patrick12's review: Callout Comment I have had this card for six months with a 250.00 credit line, just now got an increase with a 25.00 fee but what the heck its building my credit


Comment 1 by thomas1
CORTRUST User Icon on 2008-11-22

Remarks Congrats on your increase. Maybe now, you can try for Cap One where there's no monthly fees, etc. They don't charge for cli's, and its a card that will grow with you over time.

I would secondly suggest Orchard, but they are stingy with cli's, or if you can't get one of those two, maybe secure a line with your bank or credit union where you can establish credit.

Citi and BOA also offer secure accounts too
Comment 2 by casey
Don't Worry... User Icon on 2008-11-23

Remarks You made a good choice with CorTrust. I have had mine 2 1/2 years now. My 2nd card out of bankruptcy. You are Only charged for the FIRST increase. All others will be free... The first is $100, the second is $100, the third is $150, the fourth is $200, the fifth is $300, and after that all increases are $400 each. It will grow with you up to $2500 C/L. They are nice on phone too, all increase on my account have happened like clockwork, at the end of each 6 month cycle. Never, ever a problem with them... Just hang in there, you WILL be rewarded...
Comment 3 by mrrob
Re: CLI User Icon on 2010-09-02

Remarks Just went from $400 to $600 in CLI today
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