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Written by: 7wonders on 2008-11-21

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7wonders's review: Callout Comment Just FYI comment here for those of you wondering about the Target Visa rewards card. My family and I were out Christmas shopping last November and we were at the register after racking up over $500 in X-mas gifts and I used my Visa debit card to pay... The cashier said I was pre-approved for a Target Visa card and asked for my DL. I obliged and received an initial CL of $2,500 on the spot, plus received 10% off of my purchase if I used my new card. Things have been great with target thus far. I recommend this Visa card if you're a Target shopper like we are. One last comment, it is the lowest line of credit I have in my arsenal, and they have not automatically raised my CL to date, nor have I requested a CL increase.


Comment 1 by rsty99
Chase Question User Icon on 2008-11-21

Remarks Did you use a Chase product by chance, everytime I use my Chase ATM or Chase credit card I get asked do I want a Target card. When I use anything else I don't get asked. I like target too just don't need a cc from them.
Comment 2 by thomas1
TARGET User Icon on 2008-11-21

Remarks Same thing happens to me. Actually, every time I use any of my Citi accounts, Discover, or Capital One, they tell me I'm preapproved.

I always answer with a "no thanks"

I don't need a hard pull from Target for a slight credit limit card.

But, love Target!
Comment 3 by charonh
Too Conservative For Me!! User Icon on 2008-11-22

Remarks I'm glad you're pleased with them so far, I've had the regular store card almost a year and the credit line hasn't moved and from what I understand, it's not going to. I wished I had saved that inquiry.
Comment 4 by 7wonders
Target User Icon on 2008-11-24

Remarks No Chase debit card. Actually I have a Credit Union membership. However, on Saturday, I received an invitation for a Sams Club Discover Card at the register while only purchasing $35 worth of pies! I accepted it, since I have always wanted a Discover Card. The CL was nice ($4,500) and will make a nice addition to my Visa, MasterCard & Amex.

The Sam's Club benefits are nice. I'll review the details on another post.
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