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Written by: jeepy1983 on 2008-11-15

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jeepy1983's review: Callout Comment Received this card a year and a half ago when I financed my car through state farm bank. Approved for $5500 originally and just recently had a automatic CLI to $6500. 10.49% APR w/ scores around the low 700's. The main reason I went with this card was they had 0% balance transfer for 9 months and NO transaction fee. I had put my down payment for my car on another credit card just to get the points, I was going to payoff right away but transferred to this card and paid off in a couple months. So far so good! I can understand everyone in customer service that I speak with so that is always a plus!


Comment 1 by colonative
Congratulations User Icon on 2008-11-15

Remarks I have heard good things about them. Do they give you that automatic service if your ID is stolen?

It is a shame they don't have a better looking card though.
Comment 2 by thomas1
STATE FARM User Icon on 2008-11-15

Remarks This is a very good card, nice benefits, good customer service.
Comment 3 by charonh
Congrats!!! User Icon on 2008-11-15

Remarks On your card/increase, and to think, I didn't know State Farm had a bank that did such big things. I need to get out more or continue visiting this site, lol. Enjoy!!
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