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Written by: theo on 2007-07-25

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theo's review: Callout Comment After reviewing the reviews (I think that is grammatically wrong on some level), I applied for this card through the financeglobe site and was approved. However, they did not provide the credit limit or terms, but they asked me if I wanted a check sent to me (Cash Express) up to $600, so I am assuming that the CL is at least that much, hopefully more. As of yesterday, my three scores were 584, 590, and 645. Will report more information after I receive the card. Thanks again, all for your posts. This site has been a tremendous resource to me (my sister hipped me to it on Father's Day), and I'm sure, lots of other folks as well! Thanks KhopC!


Comment 1 by theo
Credit Limit User Icon on 2007-08-01

Remarks As a follow up to my last post on this card, I received the card in the mail on Monday via DHL. Credit limit is not as high as I would like. Only $400, but I'll take it and use it responsibly. Anyone know the fastest and best way to have them (HSBC) increase the limit? Any other info on this card would be appreciated! Thanks all.
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Theo User Icon on 2007-08-01

Remarks I believe that Eric might know about this card. I have HSBC Orchard and they increase the limit every six months by $200 and if I was to personally call in and ask for a limit increase, they would only offer $100 minus $25 for asking for it. Your card is more advanced over Orchard, the only thing that I can recommend is calling customer service and ask them, or wait for a response from Eric. Another thing you can do is go back on the previous pages and look for Eric and I when he was recommending the card to me or take a look at the review for this card and see what he stated. Hope this helps!
Comment 3 by theo
Re: Meya User Icon on 2007-08-04

Remarks Thank you Meya. Will contact HSBC and ask. Will also review past entries. Eric, any other suggestions? Thanks again.
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