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Written by: yoyo11 on 2008-11-14

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yoyo11's review: Callout Comment And of course I applied for it. It's a Juniper Visa, offered by Barclays but not the iTunes card. 7.99% apr Fixed no annual fee. Approved for $500. I can't complain... About the limit. This is the only prime card I have that's with my Cap1, Orchard Card. I don't know if your guys remember, but I did apply for a Barclays bank card about 6 months ago and got denied.

My BK was in 03, started with a 1st Preimer card two years ago which at that time my score was 500. Now Barclays used TransUnion... My Fico is 645.

This card also give me free scores and credit reports with TrueCredit. (have to have the card for 30days).


Comment 1 by kellbell
Awesome! User Icon on 2008-11-14

Remarks Awesome, Yoyo! Awesome!

I have the same history as you, and the same FICO, but I have yet to be approved for a Barclay's.
Comment 2 by iantha1
Congrats User Icon on 2008-11-14

Remarks Im happy for you yoyo11. My trans union score is now at 585... Im going to keep chipping away and get it up into the 600's very soon. Keep setting the pace !
Comment 3 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-11-14

Remarks You go girl. I answered your posting on the thread, but at the time I was not aware of which card it was. I have not heard much of cli's on this one but then again, I have the Travelocity. They are heck of stingy. Keep us posted about this card in the comments and on the thread you started so that we can spread the word to those who have questions.

I am so happy for you YoYo11, keep up the positive work!
Comment 4 by cireone
JUNIPER User Icon on 2008-11-14

Remarks It seems that Juniper has the same deal for both the Mastercard and Visa, 7.99% apr, free access to truecredit scores serviced by TU. Yoyo did they offer a design for you?????

I have the MasterCard and I chose the translucent colored one. I have to say I neverheard of the Visa and I am wondering are they in the same bracket or is one made fo someone that fits a certain criteria.
Comment 5 by yoyo11
Cireone User Icon on 2008-11-14

Remarks You are right. I picked the same card you did... They don't have must to choose from. It's called " Platinum Mastercard"
Comment 6 by brian23
That's Awesome News... User Icon on 2008-11-14

Remarks We have all come a long way in the rebuilding phase and were doing great!!! Hopefully soon I will qualify for this card as well, until than I'm gunna keep on going. LOL!
Comment 7 by colonative
Wow User Icon on 2008-11-14

Remarks YoYo is moving up in the world. Congratulations. That is a good rate too.
Comment 8 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-11-14

Remarks I'm happy that you didn't give up and yes you deserve it.

I have this card and I like it a lot and I'm very happy for you.

CONGRATS !! Again and Good luck,

Comment 9 by charonh
Congrats!!!! User Icon on 2008-11-15

Remarks Enjoy your new card, please keep us informed via the forum. I've been getting preapproved offers from them, but I'm apprehensive.
Comment 10 by wanderer
Juniper Mastercard Platinum User Icon on 2008-11-15

Remarks Received the same pre-approvals with rates that were as low as a fixed 7.9%. I too was apprehensive but took the gamble. I like their card and the True Credit Risk Assessment along with the other credit reporting. They have offered me a temporary rate since 09/2008 at 3.9% for purchases. Hey take a chance!
Comment 11 by rwmtd
Congrats User Icon on 2008-11-15

Remarks Yoyo11 congrats on the new card!!
Comment 12 by yoyo11
Received Card User Icon on 2008-11-25

Remarks Got it saturday 22nd... Called to see if I could get the CL increase. She said I have to write a letter... Oh well...
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