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Written by: ashes on 2008-11-09

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ashes's review: Callout Comment So I went online today and could not resist applying for a reward card that gives 1.25 points per $. Went through the application and thought if I should hit the submit button. Waited 5 minutes thinking about it and then went what the heck! Just do it. Did it, waited 30 seconds and the answer came back. It said

"Congratulations, your credit card application has been

approved with a $13000 credit line! You will receive

your credit card within 7 to 10 days and the Welcome

Package within 10 - 14 days at the address you


I just needed an Am Ex in the wallet just in case (all my cards are Visa and Mastercard) and I was very surprised at such a high limit. My scores are 750+ on Equifax and Transunion and 727 on Experian. Not sure which one they checked. I have a BofA MasterCard with a 7.5k limit. Seems like BofA are still givingout credit.

Lets see when I activate the card if they can bump me up to $20k.


Comment 1 by meya
Woe User Icon on 2008-11-09

Remarks Have to give you credit for that one because they showed you some good luv. Let us know when the card arrives and keep us informed with your overall usage of the card.
Comment 2 by ashes
Feeling Lucky User Icon on 2008-11-09

Remarks May be I should apply for Am Ex Clear :) Feeling really lucky :)
Comment 3 by eugene66
Congratulations! User Icon on 2008-11-09

Remarks Keep us informed...
Comment 4 by ashes
Takes Me Back User Icon on 2008-11-09

Remarks It takes me back to the days when I graduated from college in 1999 and had shot my credit for a measely $2000. In 2002, I got an apartment but I couldn't get a washer and dryer on lease because my credit was so poor. My scores were 560 then! That was when I realized I had to clean it up. Took me about 18 months to clean it all up. Have been maintaing 750+ scores for 3 years now. Bought a house, a car, multiple credit cards and now a few more. And now I am done with credit for foreseeable future. Take the inquiry hits for a year and let the accounts age. I hope to reach 800 in 2 years once the baddie on my Experian falls off in the next 13 months.
Comment 5 by colonative
Tempting User Icon on 2008-11-09

Remarks They keep offering me this card when I log into BofA's site. Seems very tempting, but alas, I don't need it. Congratulations on your recent approvals.
Comment 6 by eldarwen
Congrats User Icon on 2008-11-09

Remarks Congrats on your card! I have had mine for 2 or 3 months and like it a lot!
Comment 7 by thomas1
CONGRATS!! User Icon on 2008-11-09

Remarks Congrats on your approval!! I like to see approvals like these. You thought your decision carefully, you don't apply on a whim on mutiple apps, and your credit history seems to be handled superbly.

Enjoy your card and keep up the awesome work!
Comment 8 by ashes
CLI User Icon on 2008-11-21

Remarks They got me to $20k when I activated the card.
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