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Written by: andrea on 2005-08-07

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andrea's review: Callout Comment Visa Aspire has given customer service a bad name and has also damaged my credit score. According to my bill statement from Aspire Visa's Credit Card Company it says that I have charged a total of $41.50 purchases to my current account.

I've not even been able to use my card because I haven't paid my activation fee yet. I paid $20 of it 3 months ago and haven't sent in anymore payments because I had second thoughts with their company. I should have trusted my instincts! Now they are charging me late fees and interest on an activation fee, not purchases, but are saying that I have used my card to purchase items. There is no detail of what I have bought or where I have bought these such items.

Presently, I owe them $237.35 or a minimum payment of $60. I am not sending any payments for a card that I can't even use. I have called the company's customer service line diligently and have always been kept on hold for 30 minutes or longer just to wait for a customer service representative.

And then when someone does answer, they don't speak English clearly and get confused as to what I am saying to them. Then when they put me on hold to bring up my account, I am on hold for another 30 minutes or they just hang up the phone on me when I ask to cancel my account.

This is ridiculous and I want this to stop. I wouldn't doubt the fact that they have reported this so-called "past-due" account to my credit score. UPDATE: They have posted this to my credit score! I am a 22 year old college student who is just trying to make it through college, let alone stupid credit card payments for something I've never used.

If anyone else has had these kinds of problems with this company, please let me know. Maybe we can prevent them from taking advantage of innocent, helpless victims (like ourselves) ever again.

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