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Written by: wildrage2 on 2008-10-22

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wildrage2's review: I just realized that I haven't written a review for my Orchard Bank account yet. Ok, so before I get all negative, I should say that it is a really really good rebuilder card. They don't charge huge fees and they don't take advantage.

That being said, they are SOOOOO stingy with their credit limits and CLI's. I've had the card for exactly 1 year now, and I've refused to call for a CLI. I just logged into my account, and my limit is now $320. Are they kidding me? Honestly, I'd prefer no CLI at all, because a measely $20 after a year of perfect payment history, moderate usage with large payments every month (I usually leave a balance under $50 to throw them some sort of bone) is ridiculous. Ok, I'm done ranting...


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Hey.. on 2008-10-22

Call them at 800 395 6090 a live person should pick up. Ask those people for a CLI... You should get one!
Comment 2 by meya
Hehehehehe! on 2008-10-22

I am not laughing at you, but they are wrong for this one. I know they are stingy with cli's but this one is a classic. $20, give me a break.
Comment 3 by thomas1
ORCHARD CLI on 2008-10-22

You bet, I would be dialing that number right now. That's a complete insult!

You should have no problem getting that increase, but just be aware they will sap you with a cli fee of anywhere from 10-25$

I consolidated my orchard accounts together back in the spring, and I call every 3-4 months faithfully. I mark it on my calendar to call, and I get a increase of 100$ each time. I have always had to call, they have never increased my account on their own. I am up to 3500.00, but that was because I merged my Cash rewards card into my old platinum account, and kept the old tradeline and closed the newer one.

Good luck man!
Comment 4 by wildrage2
Nah on 2008-10-22

I'm not gonna call. Their fee is why I refuse to call. I don't need the credit, so I'll just leave the balance at close to zero from now on, and use my cards with higher limits for hotels, rental cars, etc. I'll put my Netflix on it or something, and PIF every month. If they don't want my business, I won't give it to them.
Comment 5 by davis06
Us Too on 2008-10-22

We have an HSBC 2% cash back which I just got a month ago and a Household card we've had for about 6 months and both cards have had a whooping $20 credit line increase.

Don't be too offended. You aren't alone. :-)
Comment 6 by charonh
I Agree With You! on 2008-10-22

That's just plain insulting, I would do like one of the others posters suggested and give them a call. Tell them that you're not being ungrateful or anything and you appreciate it, but is that the ABSOLUTE best that they can do considering your loyalty and diligence, come on. I, too, am like you and do not like to initiate credit limit requests, I prefer them to be uninitiated, automatic, and very generous.
Comment 7 by mrrob
Your Kidding on 2008-10-22

$20? What is HSBC thinking. Maybe the computer made a mistake or something. $20 is an insult

Comment 8 by mskiwi
You Should Have Paid Late on 2008-10-22

Not really... But it does make me wonder. Someone on another board got a $30 cli and they've been 30 days late after having the card 8 months. WTH? I thought rewards were for those who treat the card the right way. $20? What a joke.
Comment 9 by hjm331
That's Low on 2008-10-23

I can't believe they just did that! I didn't think it was possible to get stingier than GEMB's $75 CLI's. Don't worry, wait until the credit climate clears up and start applying for prime cards. As soon as you obtain a few of those, you will show them who's boss!
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