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Written by: wildrage2 on 2008-10-22

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wildrage2's review: Callout Comment I told myself that I was going to stop after Kay's and my new Capital One, but I want to get rid of Continental Finance and Rewards 660 for good, so I wanted to open up another trade line to take it's place.

I really liked the online application process. I was approved immediately, and was able to create my login for online account access right away.

I'm not sure how my FICOs are going to respond to the 3 new inquiries and accounts, but I'm hoping that my larger limits (and thus larger credit available) somewhat offsets that.

Can anyone shed any light as to how often they give CLIs and how much?


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Woosah!! User Icon on 2008-10-22

Remarks Wonderful... And congrads on your new card. Glad you'll be able to get rid of that Rewards 660!!
Comment 2 by meya
U-go-Boy! User Icon on 2008-10-22

Remarks Welcome to Travelocity, the card that have not offered me a cli since I had it and it's been about one year... Lol. Every time I ask, they always pull the "I'm sorry but your account is not eligible for a cli, we periodically review the accounts and when... Blah blah blah!" How much did they give you? Don't worry about the 3 hits, you are still good.
Comment 3 by thomas1
CONGRATS!! User Icon on 2008-10-22

Remarks Congrats on your new card! Nice CL also.
Comment 4 by charonh
Congratulations!! User Icon on 2008-10-22

Remarks This approval should make you feel a lot better (Orchard)!
Comment 5 by wildrage2
Lol User Icon on 2008-10-22

Remarks Yeah I know... Atleast someone showed me some love. I've gotta hit the brakes tho... Applying for credit is like an addiction. Once you're approved by one card, you want to keep on going, until eventually you start getting denied... That's what happened to me a year ago. I'm just trying to weed out some of my crappy cards (Continental, Rewards, First Premier), and replace them with better ones.
Comment 6 by colonative
Roaming Knome User Icon on 2008-10-22

Remarks He makes this card worth it.
Comment 7 by mrrob
Congrats User Icon on 2008-10-22

Remarks Congrats on the card and the limit

Comment 8 by thomas1
New Accounts User Icon on 2008-11-02

Remarks IT shouldn't hurt you too much, maybe 18 points, 6 for each account.

But what hurts is getting them to age over time, your score won't move much until they do.

Stop applying now, and you won't take a nosedive.

Wait a year before applying again. The Fico system is set up to allow yearly new accounts no to hurt you so much
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