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Written by: doneros on 2008-10-13

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doneros's review: Callout Comment I'm logged in - but system would not log me in to the "Use Editor (Highly Recommended).

Capital One.. If you can locate comments - as opposed to reviews you will find 2 - one of them recent.

More has been done since then and I wanted to help the group that has helped me. I have 2 Cap1 cards. One opened in Jan 2008 by online approval. At that time my FICOs were EQ 591, EX 617, TU 629 w 4 med coll and 2 small old colls. The other approved online July 2008. Both got a $300 CLI > July my FICOs were EQ608 EX599 TU645.

The biggest thing I want to emphasize if the use of the "back-door" number. My brother has 2 Cap1 accts and he opened them in 2007 - did the 3-step, has a $750 and a $500. He used the "back-door" number in June 2008 and was TD'd for a CLI but they still dropped his APRs on both accts to 11.9 from 18%.

MINE is a dream story and I still wonder how it happened. My current FICOs (Oct '08) are 639 620 668 same order EQ, EX (who cares on EX) and TU.

On my acct opened in Jan. 08 I waited until I completed the 3-step deal and called a wk later. The 3-step took me from $300 to $500 and the call to the back-door # they gave me another $500 and reduced my APR to 10.4 from 12.4. Boy was I shocked after just completing the 3-steps and only getting the new $500 CLI a week prior.

THIS NEXT one - I got the idea from reviews on this website. I saw where someone had called before the 3-steps were completed, they got an increase and then the 3step CLI was higher. It worked for me this wk - Oct 10, 2008

This acct open w online approval and did not give me a limit until I got the card. The CLI was $300. I was approved 7/7/08. My 3-step was supposed to added to my statement ending Oct 11th. I called on 10/7/08 and they gave me a CLI from $300 to $600. I was hoping and praying it would change the 3-step CLI.

IT DID... The statement isn't even in or available online yet - but just tonight (I chk'd each nite... Lol)... And the Credit Line on site showed $1100. So the 3-step would have given me total of $500 > by fate or whatever, on the 7th they gave me double my orig $300 making the total CL $600 and just like I had read here it caused the 3-step increase to move that $600 to $1100. I'm elated with 2 Cap One accts - one at $1,000 and now the other at $1,100.

I have 4 other cards Orchard - which SUCKS, Total - I keep only because it's my oldest; opened in 7/2004... One w 1st Premier CL $400 - opened in 2005. I had 2, one was a Centennial but I pd it off and closed it a yr ago - and one with Credit One w a credit line of $300. I paid it off 4 mos ago and clld them and closed it.

The very next day I clld bk and reopened it.

The APR is 23.99 but it's ok to have for little purchases and pay in full if you can --- but the good thing I caught which caused me to reopen it is they only have a $5.75 a mo fee NO ANNUAL fee - so is only $69 yr.

Capital One is king... Especially you'll see when I tell you I got turned down for a Target Red card and even got TD'd by Fingerhut... To me, that is gutter low.

Yet Capital One - just reread above what they did. Use that back-door number.

All I did when I called it was to say I've had my card awhile, pay on time - sometime pay extra and would like to see if I can get a CLI as I have 3 other cards I'd like to pay off that haven't treated me as good as Capital One has. You can simply ask if you can get a CLI.

Don't forget this. IF they give you an increase or even if they don't ---- DON'T hang up the phone without asking if they can decrease your APR. During that call on Oct 7th, after she gave me $300 - I then asked about the APR and she took a few seconds and came back and told me she could drop my 12.4 down to 8.65% and then extended my 0% APR from Nov 1st to Jan 1st - and I didn't ask for that.

The number I used and got from the reviews here at Finance Globe is 1-877-513-9959.

I've got a $3k Conseco charge-off that is 5 yrs old... Can't get a Lowes Card, Home Depot or anything that GE Money Bank or Citi has.

Bless Cap One > because of them, in 3 years I'll be able to get a lot more.

1-877-513-9959 Don't want you to have to look for the number.


Comment 1 by arod
Capital One User Icon on 2008-10-13

Remarks Well we here in FG agree that Capital One Bank is a well Loved bank that gives you a chance and also care's.

You will never hear the end us talking about capital one since they open many doors for better credit but In my case I will never closed them.

They always work with you. I remember when I called one day and I ask CS that I wanted to buy something and That my credit line wasn't enough and I recently had a credit line increase well to put it short Customer service said we can give a temp credit line increase so that you can buy that.

but you will have a 4 months to pay I was so happy and agreed but that one thing they did for me. I payed it fast

Well I will tell you one thing keep them happy and there is nothing they wont do for you.

Again congrats... This bank is well loved !!!

Take care,

Comment 2 by mrrob
Thanks User Icon on 2008-10-13

Remarks Congrats on the increases and thanks for the info. Cap 1 has a great wealth of respect on these boards, lets just all keep our fingers crossed that they don't go under like WAMU
Comment 3 by meya
Same Here User Icon on 2008-10-14

Remarks Can't tell you how much we love cap 1. The only shocker is when we hear that someone hates cap 1. That is when they entire family at FG wakes up. Some may respond but the others feel the same way, they just don't make any comments. Glad to hear of your cl and your brother APR decreases. Yes they did drop my sister APR also. They dropped mines and I did not even know it... Lol

I am confused from one thing, did you say that you could not log in for FG or was you talking about CAp1? Just in case you meant FG, please follow this link and you will get a response along with help very quickly.


Again, congrats!
Comment 4 by kiejon9
Congrats User Icon on 2008-10-15

Remarks Congrats on the increases and thanks for the info
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