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Written by: meya on 2007-07-18

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meya's review: Callout Comment I just spoke with an AMEX rep today (7-17-08) asking for more info about the Jet Blue and Delta Skymiles since I heard a few people in here speak good about their aproval rates and the Rep encouraged me to apply for the green card which has no preset limit on it. As much as I wanted to apply, I was too nervous and turned it down because I do not like rejections. The Rep told me that the green card is what they suggest for individuals who are establishing/re-establishing their credit. If anyone try it, please let me know the results... P. S they also told me that they are not sure which credit agency they pull from, they run it and go by which agency is available first. Just my luck it will be experian or equifax. No one hardly use transunion. Is there something wrong with that agency or what? They hold scores 30 points above my other two.


Comment 1 by eric
RE:Meya User Icon on 2007-07-18

Remarks Hey Meya... I applied for the BLUE and the ONE card from AMEX... Got denied for both. Now it sounds like we have similiar credit scores. Im running a 650 avg FICO... My low score is actually Transunion for some reason... I own a small online business and I applied for a JetBlue Business AMEX and was approved for $5k- they pulled from Experian (my second best score) Id apply for the green card but Ive had 6 inquiries in the last 6 months and the yearly fee... It makes sense that the green card would be for re-establishing credit or it could be a consumers downfall... You can only charge what you can pay for in a month. My wife has a green card and had it since we started dating back in 98. She barely ever uses that card. Plus the $95 yearly fee is a killer... Personally I like a card that I have a choice to pay off or keep a balance. Business can be fluctuating through out the year. I really like my Jetblue AMEX... Get airline points, discounts for using FED-EX our t-MOBILE bill and gasoline...$40 fee per year BUT you get a $50 credit with your first purchase. Took about 2 weeks to receive the card and you don't get the luxury of having it UPS shipped to you like the BLUE or ONE or Green card. Apply for the personal JetBLUE AMEX if you don't own your own small business. Let us know how it goes if you apply for the Green CARD or the JETBLUE MEYA.
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Eric User Icon on 2007-07-19

Remarks Thanks so much for the advice Eric, it sounds so good till you made spotlight... Lmao! I will take your advice and apply for the JetBlue Amex maybeeeeee next year:) I also have 4 inquiries (all approvals) within the last 6 months, so I want to lighten up on my report. Hopefully my Fico scores did not drop much from; Trans 643, Equifax 631, and Experian 618. I was told that if you was approved for the cards and the creditor adds it to the credit agency's as new accounts, the scores jump back up some (ie. -5 for applying +4 for approval or new account). I myself fuction much better with a card that I can choose to pay the balance in full or carry a balance over time. Again, if you are still around when I apply, I will be happy to let everyone in on the results.
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