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Written by: greg on 2007-07-15

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greg's review: Callout Comment I really hate Bank of America with banking and this card. I pay on time every month never late since I had the card. I ask for a credit raise and it was denied, also I was close to my limit but not over. And how they put a charge on my account that took me over the limit, I call and ask what the charge was and the rep didn't even seem to know. They not once said I would be charge, and keep in mind they never told me there was going to be a charge on there of almost 40.00. And I ask her she said no and it popped up anyway I've had situations more than three times dealing with them, and this card hiding charges. So stay away because even if its not your fault you pay, and even if it is there you pay... Bpp


Comment 1 by meya
Like Woe! User Icon on 2007-07-17

Remarks Trust me, I believe you. I remember a few years ago when they scammed their clients checking/savings account and was slapped in the face with a law suit. Bank of America would not give me a $500 personal loan, so I refuse to apply for their credit card. They told me the minimum they will loan me is $10,000 and I will hve to have an income of $100,000. Hell I never had nor seen $100,000 so I politely got up and slid my chair back to its position for the next person. Bank of America will tear your head off if you do not watch them, no matter what type of account you have with them. If I want my scores dropped, I will just apply for an AMEX Card... Lmao!
Comment 2 by eric
FC User Icon on 2008-01-22

Remarks You sure it wasn't your finance charge that you were billed? Remember that if you are close to your credit limit at the end of your billing cycle then your FC are added on that day
Comment 3 by leenax
Why FC Accrue B4 U Hit Ur CL? User Icon on 2008-06-29

Remarks Does this supposedly happen w/ any bank, not just BofA? Is that something to be quite wary of? Not to get close to your CL, or else U'll be charged a Finance charge that will evidently take U over past your CL, which triggers the whole problem ?

A Banking false arrest issue? Hahah. Not guilty till proven otherwise, isn';t that supposed to be the way?

Not falling into Banking misery b/c one bank aims to screw their customers over?

I seem to take sympathy with Meya's/ DM woes & experience w/ BofA as the bad villain here, Right Eric ?

{since U seem to have worked there or have defenede BoA a number of times...

I am seriously considering which MC or VISa card to go w/, & wondering if I should just stick w/ a Citicard or try chase or BofA...

I am keen on Chase Freedom VISA, also Citibank MC Dividend Rewards/Diamond Preferred, AT&T Platinum Savings... But I was wondering if BofA is worth a try - Since I think I can easily get a Worldpoints/ Master PLUS/Platinum or Visa Platinum,

But I don't want to have any more inquires on my report...

I already have about 3 since these past few wks...

Anyone know why a Cell Phone carrier (ie: Sprint) would do a hard inquiry on the report TWICE?

I wanted to order 2 phones under same a/c, so do they literally have to trigger a credit check TWICE in order to fill your order for each new phone ???

That is CRAZY? They just should ck it once!

Will this DOUBLE print up of their checking into credit TWICE, hurt my score or factor into how they will calculate my score when they're updating records?

I am really shocked that they checked it twice...

It shows up as TWICE on report- so that is why I believe it is a HARD inquiry & not just a soft one. Which MIGHT MEAN, that it will drop my scores!
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: Greg User Icon on 2008-06-29

Remarks Banks always warn customers to not max out their cards because their is a great chance the the monthly finance charge will cause the consumer to go over the limit. I am not defending BOA in anyway, just stating the obvious.
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