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Written by: wanderer on 2008-09-26

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wanderer's review: Callout Comment Juniper... Another pre-approved credit card mail offer from Barclays Bank (received at least eight varing from 9.9% interest on purchases to 7.9% and max credit lines from up to $5,000 to $10,000)... with no AF and 7.9%. FICO Scores were TU 719 EX 735 EQ 696. Also, some card holders have reported CL reductions so acquiring this card may be a question?


Comment 1 by meya
Cool User Icon on 2008-09-26

Remarks I am going to say congrats, but I think that it is more embarrassing in comparison to your other cards. It is better than what I have with Juni, I would call in for a recon with them. But let me also say this, they have came back and asked for you to prove that you make more than $200k per year before they can reconsider you.
Comment 2 by cfmdev49
Pretty Nice Card... User Icon on 2008-09-26

Remarks I got approved for this card a couple of months ago...$1,750 cl and 7.9% apr with no AF... Juni says that they review frequently so I expect to get a cl increase soon... BTW... It's my lowest cl of all of my cards... My others are $5,000-$8,500...
Comment 3 by mrrob
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-09-27

Remarks Congrats on getting this card. I have been waiting for a preapproval from this bank, would like the Usairways card since I am frequent flyers with USAIR

way to go
Comment 4 by uinsane
CARD SUCKs User Icon on 2008-09-30

Remarks I applied on line and waited and waited. Got the card then a couple mths later; card was closed... I never used ho hum!
Comment 5 by thomas1
JUNIPER User Icon on 2008-09-30

Remarks Was it closed by the bank?
Comment 6 by wanderer
Bye Bye Juniper User Icon on 2008-12-13

Remarks Eight pre-approved offers and finally a hit at $1250 cl and the cld to $500. Closed the account today and told them NOT to waste my time.
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