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Written by: baystate on 2008-09-24

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baystate's review: Callout Comment I called BOA today to see how long before I could be considered for an upgrade to the BankAmericard from my World Points Visa. They said that since I was a long-term customer with deposit accounts that they would upgrade me today. That's awesome considering they just upgraded me to WorldPoints Visa in July.

Should receive the card in 5 to 7 business days according to the CSR.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-09-24

Remarks Congrats on the upgrade! I'm also trying to upgrade my WorldPoints Visa to the Americard because I heavily use my BOA card and would like to take advantage of the rewards program this card offers. Would you mind sharing your limit with us?
Comment 2 by baystate
Upgrade To BankAmericard User Icon on 2008-09-24

Remarks Hi HJM

I actually called the regular customer service number to ask a question about my "Keep the Change" set-up. Afterwards I figured I would ask the Rep about the BankAmericard. The response that she gave me was that this card was designed specifically for Bank of America customers that have established a solid deposit banking relationship with them. She did say that in some cases they approved this card for non-customers but this was the exception not the rule.

I then asked why I was only upgraded to the WorldPoints a couple of months ago instead of the BankAmericard. She said that she wasn't sure and then transferred me to a credit analyst.

The Analyst asked me for my WorldPoints card number and once she pulled up my account she stated that I should have been upgraded to the Americard in the first place. She apologized that I had to go through this again and said she will rush the new card out to me with 5 to 7 days.

Sorry about the novel - - You had asked what my CL is - It's $6000. She did not offer me any CLI during this whole process. All she said was to continue using my current card until my new one arrives and then to activate the new and cut-up the old.

I probably should have just asked for the Americard the first time around but I figured you had to take what they first offered you.

I did read somewhere that the minimum credit line for the Americard is $5000.

Give it a try and good luck!!
Comment 3 by hjm331
RE: Baystate User Icon on 2008-09-26

Remarks I'm definitely going to call them. I definitely want that card without the hard pull. Will update soon.

How long have you been with BOA? The reason why I ask is because I have been with them for about a year and a half.
Comment 4 by baystate
Upgrade To BankAmericard User Icon on 2008-09-26

Remarks I've been with BOA since 1990. I didn't open a credit card with them though until 2007, which was the Platinum Plus Visa. That was upgraded to WorldPoints in JUL08.
Comment 5 by thomas1
BOA WORLDPOINTS User Icon on 2008-10-01

Remarks BOA keeps soliCiting me for the Worldpoints Card almost every week there's something in the mailbox from them.

I wasn't too impressed with the Worldpoints card after reading about it. Guess they are trying to get my business away from Citi, like that's gonna happen, lol.

I personally don't like BOA just like Amex, just my opinion though
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