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Written by: mousepad on 2008-09-18

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mousepad's review: Callout Comment I took a chance and I know I need to stop cause this makes 8 cards but I was approved for the Discover Motiva and I had no idea that I was going to be. I was looking for the HSBC Discover but they told me that I could not apply for it that it could only be offered, so there I was once again giving up my info just knowing they they was going to tell me no and I was wrong they told me I was approved and that I would be getting the card in the mail soon.

one thing I don't understand is that they told me no not 2 months ago, I guess the credit king felt sorry for me.

scores for those who want to know

EX 657

TU 673

EQ 651


NO C. O.'s


Comment 1 by meya
Congrats User Icon on 2008-09-18

Remarks I heard this card is pretty cool. What was your limit? Keep us updated with your overall usge of the card.
Comment 2 by mousepad
I Took A Chance User Icon on 2008-09-18

Remarks I am not sure with the limit was the rep said he did not have that info before him at the time

he told me that I should get the card in 5 to 7 days that's kinda fast.

I did not think it was true so I checked on the site and it says

Discover Motiva Card

Date Submitted: 9/18/2008

Congratulations! You have been approved for a Discover Card. Your card will be mailed to you shortly to the address provided on your application. Once you receive your card, be sure to visit Discovercard.com to manage your account online.

Your application was decisioned on 9/18/2008.
Comment 3 by thomas1
DISCOVER User Icon on 2008-09-19

Remarks Congrats on your new card! You'll love Discover. I got mine last month, nice limit, and the cashback really adds up quick. Web site is very easy to navigate, and customer is superior as well. Just remember to keep your utilization low on the card, as they are not the easiest to get cli's from. They can be pretty stingy.

Welcome to the Discover family!! Good luck with it!
Comment 4 by eldarwen
Welcome! User Icon on 2008-09-19

Remarks Welcome to the Discover Family!
Comment 5 by shark6
Great User Icon on 2008-09-19

Remarks You are really blessed as Discover proper is not an easy card tog et. Do you know which CB they pulled?

Take care of this card and you should get more premium card offers.
Comment 6 by rsty99
Congrats Also User Icon on 2008-09-20

Remarks I had Discover from 1996 to 1999 should have kept it open. They didn't have all these versions of the card back then. Did you call the number to apply, that may be a better way not to get back to the HSBC discover that I got. Will try for this card again later next year.
Comment 7 by mousepad
I Am In User Icon on 2008-09-20

Remarks Thanks every one it feels good to get a nice card for a change and not get the finger.

trust me I had no idea I was going to get this card dumb me was calling to get some info on the HSBC Discover.

I guess its time for me to stop thinking small, I would have never in a million years thought I would get approved for this card or any other in its class and odd enough I just got an offer from Citi today for one of there cards but I am not going to take it cause I have enough cards and I already have more inq's on my report than I need.

one thing that I am trippin on is that walmart gave me the finger for the Discover card that they offer.
Comment 8 by mousepad
Update User Icon on 2008-09-20

Remarks I called to see what the limit was and the computer said it was 2000 and then I spoke with a rep and they told me that they want me to use the card for 6 months and I will get an auto cli.

i see more and more banks are doing this, they want to see how you use the card and what you use the card for before taking any chances of giving you more than you need.

i am cool with what they have given me cause they are taking the chance on me and did not have to so, I am not going to let them down and I will show that I can be trusted and that goes for all the cards I have.

i now have a new outlook on credit and I understand that none of these banks owe me or anyone anything, I often hear people fuss about fees and other things but me myself I know that if I charge $500 on a card and the bank only charges me $12 dollars interest to use the money that's not mine in the first place then I think that's a small price to pay to have something you want or you can sit there with no credit and just have $12 dollars in your pocket.

with that being said I would like to thank everyone here and the banks for for giving me a chance when they did not have to.

oh P. S.

for the people who want to know how I got here it was CAP 1 and a not much heard of Aspen card that many people don't like.

my cards:

cap 1 :$1000 1yr

cap 1 :$500 1 month

Aspen :$750 1 yr

kay jewelers :$4300 2 months

crown jewelers :$2500 3 months

best buy store :$1400 3 months

best buy mc :$300 3 months

orchard bank :$300 3 months

macys :$600 3 months

now Discover :$2000 3 days

as of now I don't need any more cards and I wont close any of them and I will take care of all of them.

WOW that was long ha!
Comment 9 by gkcust
This Is Crazy User Icon on 2008-10-02

Remarks I dont mean to sound stupid. But it seem like we are kissing the credit card people a$#
Just to get something from them. If this is the way
Then I guess I better start kissing some of that ass too

But if its not what I come to conclude.
Then someone tell me different.
Comment 10 by mousepad
Think About It User Icon on 2008-10-26

Remarks Well just think about it you have to give some to get some.

do you want to be the dude outside looking in the window wishing you could buy what you are looking at but cant cause First PREMIER gave you a card with a 300 cl and 280 of it is already gone and you have not used the card or would you rather be in the store getting that item with your new Discover card with a 2k cl and not have to worry about fees for having the card and fees for paying your bill?

so I would rather give a kiss than to be bent over waiting to get f**ked.
Comment 11 by pantheranubis
Re: Called And Was Approved User Icon on 2011-07-18

Remarks Touch! LOL. I just got approved today myself. My first major CC. I have the CAP1. got it to make a bridge to getting one of the majors. this is my first.

Enjoy your Discover. And I agree..better to give a kiss than to bend over
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