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Written by: transam on 2008-09-16

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transam's review: I went into Chase bank to open a checking account and the banker stated I was pre-approved for some of the cards they had, she pulled up all the ones that were offered to me on her screen and this one caught my eye. It was the lowest interest rate I saw on there. The promotion was 0% for 6 months on BT and purchases. I ended up getting a credit limit of $7,000 and my interest rate after the promotion is the prime rate + 2.99% which equals as of right now 7.99%. The card is barely on its way so I haven't had a history with it yet. My credit score as of right now is at 730.


Comment 1 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-09-16

Congrats on your new card. I guess they heard FG members were applying for Chase cards so they passed them out like candy. Hope you enjoy your new card and keep up the great work.

Good Luck
Comment 2 by meya
Cool on 2008-09-16

Seems like Chase has been showing some love around here. I am very happy of your approval and love your scores + cl.
Comment 3 by thomas1
CONGRATS on 2008-09-17

Congrats on your new card. Nice Cl and beautiful score... Keep up the great work!
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