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Written by: andersonm on 2008-09-13

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andersonm's review: I just cannot say enough good things about Capital One. I have been a customer of their's since 2006. I started off with a Classic Platinum card with a $300 limit. I made all of my payments on time, and paid in full on most occassions, and received a $200 cli within 3 months. I refinanced my Expedition with them in the same year as well. They lowered my interest and payment, so I was happy about that. In July of 2008, I applied for the No Hassels Points rewards card and got approved for $500. Just today, I applied for and was approved for the No Hassles Cash Rewards card with a $3000 limit, and they let me transfer a balance from my JC Penny account over to them. I also applied for and got the Rewards debit card from them because I figured if I was going to use a debit card I might as well earn points, and they give 2 points for every dollar spent. It links right to my current bank account, so there is no need to switch banks, and there is no yearly fee to use the card. With my own bank (Wells Fargo) they wanted to charge me $18 per year to have the points system and they only give.5 points per dollar spent. As far as I am concerned, Capital One is the only bank to do business with weather you have excellent credit, order past issues with your credit like I have. They treat their customers right. Customer service is always awesome, and they give people a second chance without having to pay all the obnoxious fees like some other card companies. My credit score today for my approval was 611 with Equifax, not sure of the other two companies, and my BK is only three years old in December. Thanks Capital One, I promise you, you have a customer for life. And thanks FG for all the wonderful information you all share on here to try to make all of our lives better.


Comment 1 by rivasglo
^_^ on 2008-09-14

Glad to hear on your most recent approval.

They treat customer right. I also love CapOne and I might apply for another card with them soon when some inquiries fall off...

Congrats again!
Comment 2 by colonative
Capital One on 2008-09-14

They really are a great company. I have had my MasterCard with them for over 10 years now and let me tell you, if you stay loyal to them they will return the favor. This isn't just a subprime card you throw away after a few years, because it will become a prime card with your improved credit in no time.

One word of advice though, you should have at least one other competitor's card (i. E. Citi, Chase, BofA etc) in case you ever need a balance transfer from your Cap1; you can't do balance transfers from one Cap1 to another Cap1.
Comment 3 by meya
Wow on 2008-09-14

You take the words out of our mouths. I am a cap one lover also and every thing you posted is the way I feel about them. I just had to comment back with the same feelings as you. Congrats and way to go. Hope this encourage others to apply.
Comment 4 by danny
Congrats on 2008-09-14

I have been with them for a few years. They just recently allowed me to merge my two Capital One platnium cards into one with a limit of $1000. I also applied for and was approved for the new Captial One Orbitz Visa Card last month with a $500 limit with a guarantee to be bumped to $750 within 3 months on time payments. I'm surprised they allowed you to have more than two accounts at the same time. They used to decline me all the time when I tried to apply for a 3rd card with them.
Comment 5 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-09-15

Congrats on your new accounts with Capital One. I agree, they are a great company to work with all-around and even though I don't have any loans with them, I carry two of their cards and they are my favorites. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mines.

Good Luck
Comment 6 by andersonm
Only 2 Accounts on 2008-09-15

I combined my Platinum and my No Hassles rewards card about 1 month before I applied for the new card.
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