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Written by: danny23 on 2008-09-11

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danny23's review: Callout Comment So anyway I applied for the platinum plus card and I got denined, and I thought that I would. Well to my surpise I say they came back and told me that I was approved for 500 dollar card, But the problem was they didn't tell me if there was a deposit on the card and after calling them they said that it was unsecured but I don't see how that is. If anyone can help me out that would be very appricated.


Comment 1 by wildrage2
Well.... User Icon on 2008-09-11

Remarks It's possible that you applied for a cash rewards or other card that was harder to get, but qualified for a standard card with a lower limit. There is a $500 secured card, but they could very well give you an unsecured card with a $500 as well. Consider yourself lucky, if anything.
Comment 2 by danny23
Re: User Icon on 2008-09-11

Remarks They had just gave me a call and told me that they have sent the card out on the 9th, and I asked the gentlemen if there was a deposit and he didn't say anything but did tell me that there is a 59 af. So I have no clue but I can update you all when the card comes in, I thought from reading other post on here that you had to pay them the 99 dollars before you do recive the card.
Comment 3 by wildrage2
Different Card User Icon on 2008-09-11

Remarks Well, it seems to me that you didn't qualify for the card you originally applied for, but your credit wasn't bad enough for the secured car... So they gave you a card with a smaller limit and annual fee - somewhere in between.
Comment 4 by kimi
Non Secured User Icon on 2008-09-11

Remarks Trust me, You were approved for non secured credit card with $500 cl and 59af, if it was secured you would

have to wait 30 days for the collatral to be posted to your application before they make a dcision.
Comment 5 by danny23
RE User Icon on 2008-09-11

Remarks That is what I was thinking to, I bank with then so I check today and it is on my online banking.
Comment 6 by mrrob
Great Card User Icon on 2008-09-12

Remarks My niece had the same card. She was approved for $500 but had the annual fee was $59.00
Comment 7 by danny23
Re: User Icon on 2008-09-13

Remarks Thats is excatly what it was it was the platuim plus with Visa with a 500 cl and 59 af, I just cant belive I got this card.
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