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Written by: karen on 2007-07-11

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karen's review: Callout Comment Guys and Gals, there are better cards around than these even if your credit scores are in the low 500's or high 400's. Credit Card companies know that American's go all out and will do anything to receive a cc and we are willing to open an account with anyone who are willing to give us a second chance at credit. Companies like Tribute, Imagine, Continental, Aspire, Eufora (or any prepaid card), First Premiere, Rewards 660, and the list goes on are card companies that tear your head off. Why would you want a card that load you up with 80% worth of fees that you never used and then turn right around and charge you a finance charge, monthly maintenance fees, and online bill pay fees? There are companies like Orchard, Capital One, Chevron, and Credit One that are willing to give people with low scores a chance. Give them a try and see what happens. One more thing, this may not be the best advice but I will tell you what I did to help boost my scores up. I had about 40 damaged items on my credit report so what I did was not paid any one of the debtors and stopped applying for credit for about 6 years. I call it starting over, because if you pay the debtors (even 5 years later) it will stay on your credit report longer. I learned my lesson and now I am on the right path, but I refuse to let someone like Tribute mess me over. I still have some dings left but I know that it will get better over the years... So people... Please leave cards like these alone, they only set us up for failure. Anyone who disagrees, just add up your statements for the past six months and see where you were doubled crossed. Only a fool will pay someone for their own money.

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