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Written by: theredsox on 2008-09-06

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theredsox's review: I decided to apply for the Lukoil Getty card because I live in a small town and the local Getty station is owned by a friend of mine. I only use this gas station and thought the rewards would be nice.

However, based on Barclays reputation for horrible customer service and random credit line decreases, I was hesitant to do business with them.

Since I only used the card for gas, I generally don't charge more than $100-$200 per month, which I pay off in full.

I will update this review with my experiences with Barclays. Hopefully I will fair better than others that I've read about.


Comment 1 by colonative
Congratulations on 2008-09-07

What is the APR and credit line for this card? Does Lukoil offer a regular non-branded oil card instead?
Comment 2 by thomas1
BARCLAYS on 2008-09-07

Are there cashback rewards associated with this card?
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