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Written by: rosacatty on 2008-09-06

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rosacatty's review: Callout Comment In Feb of 2008 I had to delcare bankrupt (What divorce will do to you!!). After speaking with my credit counselor she suggested I apply for the BOA secured CC since I am a checking and savings client with them and start all over again. I received a "they need to look into furthur" message. (I applied online). Finally after a couple days I receive a message to sign in and check my status. To my surprise, I was denied the secured CC but was approved for the Platinum plus MC with a 8000 CL. So I downloaded the picture I wanted for my card and waited for my card. Waited and Waited... Finally after 3 weeks I called the bank to see why I have yet to receive the card... I was told I was not approved???? I could not believe that a bank will approve you for CC for which I did not even applied for... Ask for me to chose a picture then completely pulled out the rug form under me... I am not upset now (since I now have my discover card and no other cards!!))... But what happened????? The rep could not tell me. I still have my checking and savings with them... Thanks for this forum... I've learn a lot since I am also trying to reach my goals of the 700 club once again!!!


Comment 1 by mrrob
I Know The Feeling User Icon on 2008-09-06

Remarks This happened to me a few years ago. It doesn't make you feel good when a bank renigs like that. Keep working on your scores and eventually you will have the cards that you desire.

Comment 2 by yoyo11
Online W/Bank Of America User Icon on 2008-09-06

Remarks Hello,

I have a CK w/BOFA... Applied for a reg/cc got denied but was offered the 99/500 partial cc. Approve the money to be taken out of my account... Picked the photo etc... Etc... Weeks went by and I called... They didn't not have my application. Did another "hard pull and was declined".

I think there's a something wrong w/the online processing. I was denied to to BK. Note: when I was going on my account... The card continued to say" your card will be forthcoming shorthly" Go figure...

However, read forum and card reviews... You'll get your scores and card offers soon... Try Cap1, Hooters, and Orchard.
Comment 3 by hjm331
RE: Shark6 User Icon on 2008-09-07

Remarks Sounds like you were pre-approved for the Platinum Plus MC, not approved. When someone is denied for a credit card, they are usually offered a pre-approval, not automatically approved.
Comment 4 by rosacatty
Thanks.......... User Icon on 2008-09-07

Remarks Thanks for everyones comments... I see that I was not the only one... However, I was approved according to the status email and they did ask for me to go the website and pick the picture or download any picture to my card and once I did that it stated that I will receive my cards 7 to 10 days. So there was no mistaking the approval. It was what happened next that still has me scratching my head... I have moved on and still continue my banking with them even though I went thru that expierienced... Thanks again!!
Comment 5 by colonative
Bureau User Icon on 2008-09-07

Remarks Which bureau did they pull? I worked in the credit card industry and you would be surprised what is and isn't on some bureaus. I noticed one cardholder who had only a few, good tradelines on Equifax when we opened the account, then when the cardholder became past due we pulled TU and Exp and found a whole mess of bad accounts that had we seen on Equifax the person would have never had been extended credit.

From what I remember BofA doesn't like bankruptcies even for the secured card (that was a few years ago so it might have changed).

So, maybe you were approved because a bureau didn't have the bankruptcy or maybe it was just a glitch or human error. I am glad you are not upset about it (and honestly you should not be surprised due to the 7 month old bky).

Hang in there, I am sure once your bankruptcy is discharged you will have a pre-approved Capital One offer in your mailbox. Stay away from First Premier/Continental Finance/Tribute. Also check with your credit union to see if they offer a secured card or see what Citibank's requirements are for their secured card (unless they were a creditor in your bankruptcy)-that is the best way to go.
Comment 6 by rosacatty
Thanks For The Insight... User Icon on 2008-09-07

Remarks I looked thru my report (I also have privacy assist with BOA) and it looks like they pulled form Experian. However my bk was discharged back in Feb 2008. I was not even thinking of applying for any cc but for a secured card... So, I do veer towards maybe human error?... Because there is nothing diff in all three credit report. Believe me I am on top of my credit report ever since the nightmare I went thru in November... Thanks to my Ex!... So, I do agree with you and thanks for the insight!!! I guess if ever I needed an explaination that could 've explained what happened, came from you guys... Thanks again!!
Comment 7 by rockin35
Fico Qualified/ But BK Disqualified User Icon on 2008-09-12

Remarks Hi,

It could be that your FICO score may still qualify for the Secured card in the scoring system but upon a manual review of your complete credit report, the Bankruptcy ultimately disqualified your application. This can happen if you apply online or over the phone, or in a store and then weeks later get the denial letter.

Just a thought...

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