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Written by: vms on 2008-09-04

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vms's review: Callout Comment I applied in the store after reading reviews. This was helpful because it allowed me to ensure I was getting Best Buy Card and not Best Buy Visa. Also, it allowed me the opportunity to state how much I planned on spending in store that date and sure enough - my credit limit of 2000 exactly matches what I planned to spend! Would recommend applying this way.


Comment 1 by cireone
BEST BUY User Icon on 2008-09-04

Remarks For most people, it works applying in-store. As for me, Ive been approved for the BestBuy Mastercard a year ago but it has a bad CL and AF. So I decided to apply for the store card, in the store. Well, I was disapproved for reasons that were on my report since getting the MasterCard. IDK, but I would really like the store card for the higher CL and no AF.
Comment 2 by colonative
Promo User Icon on 2008-09-04

Remarks Did you apply for a promo? I believe they are offering 0% on purchases totaling $699 and up, and 0% for 3 years on TV's $999 and up.

Congratulations and good luck
Comment 3 by meya
Cool User Icon on 2008-09-04

Remarks Glad to hear of all approvals! With my luck, they denied me online and would not reconsider when I called them.
Comment 4 by cireone
BEstBuy User Icon on 2008-09-05

Remarks WEll when I applied in store, it was just to get the card. I had already bought dvds, and a cd, and then thought about what everyone has been doing to get approved. WOuld my chances have been better if I was to acutally buy something big????? The world will never know. I just didn't want to be embarrassed of having the merchandise rung up then not being approved as I had no means of buying a $700 computer that day. But as I say it maybe wasn't meant to be if I was not approved.
Comment 5 by cfmdev49
Congrats On The Best Buy Card! User Icon on 2008-09-05

Remarks Got approved for that card myself a couple of weeks ago... Best buy is a pretty nice store and they always have good deals... Enjoy the card...
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