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Written by: rsty99 on 2008-08-27

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rsty99's review: Callout Comment Hi all was approved for this card cl $500.00 no af, I am starting new career from layoff a few years back. Trying to rebuild as most are. Should be getting card this week sometime. Take care everyone great info from you all also.


Comment 1 by meya
Ohhh Yesss! User Icon on 2008-08-27

Remarks You got the right card! Way to go on your approval rsty99. This is a great card to rebuild from, but I have to say one thing to you, be careful on the new applications because you do not want to have too many new accounts or new inquires on your credit report. This action will result in denials and I know you don't want to see that. Start to work on your history with the cards and watch your credit scores grow... Lol Congrats again!
Comment 2 by thomas1
Congrats User Icon on 2008-08-27

Remarks Congrats on your approval. As Meya said, careful shopping for anymore credit until your history starts to build from these cards. I know you feel like you're on a roll, but anymore inquiries will more than likely result in denials. Work on these for the next year or more, and your score will increase, thus, resulting in bigger offers from Tier One banks.

Comment 3 by mrrob
On Your Way User Icon on 2008-08-27

Remarks Your doing the right thing. Cap 1 is a nice card to have especially for rebuilding. Keep up the good work
Comment 4 by rsty99
Just Got The Card Today User Icon on 2008-08-28

Remarks Hi all just got this card today, when I acitvated it cap one rep wanted to sign up for a lot of things and just keeped saying no. I have 0% for 6 months on purchase and balance transfers with no fees and then 19% and no annual fee FICO was 642
Comment 5 by yoyo11
Remember User Icon on 2008-09-03

Remarks Call for a CLI, before your credit steps kick in... Call after your third payment, once your payment post... Call you'll get a CLI and another one once the steps kick in... Good luck!
Comment 6 by rsty99
Does Capital One Do Card Conversion User Icon on 2008-09-15

Remarks I called cap one and asked if I could later on convert this to a cash back or rewards card and they told me to open another account. I was like I don't need another card, just would like to get some type of rewards due to I am driving 45 miles to college right now and would be nice to have a rewards card with you in the future, response was still open another card, the csr even said many people have 4 account with us. What? I just need one. Anyone have any experience on this or can this not be done.
Comment 7 by rsty99
Not Happy With Cap One User Icon on 2008-09-16

Remarks I got home tonight to check on this account have $500 limit on it so have been making a few payments to it this month so it does not go anything above $250. I just checked and my last payment was made a week ago from my Chase ck account as the others have been. I noiticed my credit available was short the payment. Cap one csr told me that they were going to hold it for 10 days. They said they do that with new accounts for the first 6 months. I was like, What? They said they would have to contact Chase to verify the money was gone from my account, well on my chase ck account its gone. So right now my account instead of having $300 available its short $100. I am closing this thing before I learn of any more crazy payment holds like this. I have never seen such a thing when I make payments to HSBC or any other creditors. Have not even had the card for a month and there worried about me making to many payments, go figure. Its like they want you to go over your limit, account has 0% till December. Anyone else had this happen with new account with them, any more suprises I should know about. I will be paying this thing off and not using it or closing it out.
Comment 8 by rsty99
Just Got My Answer User Icon on 2008-09-17

Remarks Http://www.My3cents.com/showReview. Cgi? Id=41897

This customer had same experience. Glad I saw this issue now and not later.
Comment 9 by meya
Re: Rsty99 User Icon on 2008-09-17

Remarks Don't close this account! I have heard this before, but it is just for a little while. All you have to do is stay within your limit for the first 6 months and you will have nothing to worry about. This is a good card to keep, and I rarely hear of any bad news about it. You are going to run across this issue with some other creditors, so don't let this be the only reason why you want to leave cap 1.

I am pretty sure that Cap 1 have their reasons why they are holding new accounts payments, but at the same time, they are their for you when you need them and when you don't need them. Please hold on before making a move.

I have read the link that you provided and I must say that I disagree with the author. I am paid on a daily basis and I have paid cap 1 multiple times in one month since I have had the card. My limit with cap 1 is $3500, just recently I paid them $1500 and I can tell you what happened, they began the process withing 2 minutes after I paid. I decided to go back and make adjustments -$500 but the process had already begun. That was fast!

I know that my account is new, but my payment issues has been the same since I was first approved. I am hearing new account holders upset because of a 10 day hold, but I say it is better than most card holder who payments has taken nearly 2 weeks to be posted. This can be sort of irritated after you have sent your funds in, you want to see it posted within 24-48 hrs. I will beg and plea for anyone not to cancel this card for that reason, because the situation will only last for 6 months (according to what you mentioned). By that time you will have gained 6 months history with them and probably a nice cli.
Comment 10 by hjm331
Same Here User Icon on 2008-09-17

Remarks Rsty99, I experienced the same situation you are going through right now. They credited my account by the amount of payment I made out to them. The transaction didn't post through my checking account for about a week so you don't have anything to worry about. They do this to all new account holders, not just you. This is how all creditors work so just roll with it and keep using the card and making your payments on-time. They will take care of you and it will open doors to tier 1 cards before you know it.

Good Luck
Comment 11 by rsty99
Thanks For The Information User Icon on 2008-09-17

Remarks I have been very watchful on my credit and this just seemed very odd. If it wasn't for all the pro capital one reviews on here with everyone not having any problems was just suprised to see this. Thanks again will keep card but just pay closer attention since there doing this. Had to call during the day to talk to a csr that handles this the night time csr could not answer any questions I had and told me to call back during the day.
Comment 12 by rsty99
Just Went Up To $750 User Icon on 2008-11-24

Remarks I just went up after credit steps, just wanted to let everyone know its still okay at Cap One
Comment 13 by jake9999
Rewards? User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks Does anyone know if you can have rewards added to the Capital One Standard Platinum card? I have read on other posts for the Prestige Platinum they have upgraded accounts but I don't know if you can with this one. I like this card, but having rewards would be nice as I would use it more.
Comment 14 by cabana7
Cap One User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks It is my understanding they don't do conversions but check with customer service
Comment 15 by arod
I Have This Card !! User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks This on I have it with the cash rewards I will tell you how to know if you have the rewards... First you have to set up on line like to pay or to see your statements

2. There is two lines one will say your credit line right under it. It will say rewards or cash rewards

but yes it better to call and find out if you have doubts


I hope this helps take care, let me throw this in here I love this bank!!

Comment 16 by cireone
CAP1 User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks From What I have experienced, the standrd Platinum is a starter card in CapitalOne. You don't get any rewards perks. What I did was made a good history with them then applied for a No Hassles Cash Back Visa. Was approved with a higher limit and the rewards. I would say let your current account grow with you on a positive note then get another card.
Comment 17 by arod
Capital One User Icon on 2008-12-10

Remarks I you want to know all the cards Capital One has goto capitalone.com

And look for all cards and you will see all they have to offer.

act like your applying.

This can help I have to cards from them 1. Capital One platinum with a $2300 also Capital One no hassel cash reward for $700 same color as this one and no annual fee.

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