"Card Arrived Today July 14th, 2005"

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Written by: urbangirl on 2005-07-14

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urbangirl's review: Callout Comment Card arrived today. First payment of $40 is due on Aug. 5th. This card must be fairly new because I haven't seen much of anything about it online. $50 dollars available but I don't plan to touch it until I've put my first $100 dollar payment down first so that there are no "accidents." They "reserve the right" to cancel your card if you don't use it in the first 2 months. Patience is a virtue... Ah well.

Also I think this is the price you pay to rebuild your credit, but it will only build your credit if they report to the CR agencies while your account is in good standing. Does anyone know if they do? They don't talk that up at all, so I get the feeling they may not. We'll see. I'll review again and give a better review if they post my payments on-time and don't di*k me around. You are notified when you activate that you CAN'T use your card to pay-at-the-pump, you must go inside with it to pay. I will give this card a lower review if I find out they don't report to any of the CRA's, let's hope that they hold up their end of the deal and wish us all luck.

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Comment 1 by david
They Do User Icon on 2005-08-26

Remarks They do report to 2 of the cra's
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