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Written by: snicks on 2008-08-21

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snicks's review: Callout Comment I have had the card since April with cl of $4,500. have made 3 purchases. Totaling approx $1000.00 and have a current bal of $200.00. have noticed no inqs soft or hard since original when getting approved for the card. today I made an online purchase of less than $300.00 and when I checked cct I saw a hard inq from Sterling jewellers. I have made online purchases from their website before and no inq... I would not mind a soft inq but am a little peturbed to get a hard for such a small purchase... I really don't know why a soft inq would not be sufficent... Anyway... All is ok... Credit limit still $4,500 but I now have one more inq on by experian report:(

all in all I like the card and have been pleased with my purchases... But for any who are inq sensitive be aware..


Comment 1 by thomas1
INQUIRY User Icon on 2008-08-21

Remarks I have never heard of a bank/dept store/jewelry store hitting a bureau soft or hard, before making a purchase.

This is one card I don't intend to apply for. To me, that's just down right ridiculous!
Comment 2 by tynece
Hard Inq User Icon on 2008-08-21

Remarks This is making me think that they are trying to convert you to something else do they have something with a Visa on it or something? That sounds very wierd that if you did not initiate an increase request that they would do a hard inquiry. Did you call and ask them why
Comment 3 by hodgebutt
Tricky User Icon on 2008-08-21

Remarks I've learned a little bit something through my last few jewelry purchases at a Kay chain. They have a bit of a different way of giving CLIs. A lot of times, instead of just giving you a CLI, when you make a purchase, the 'system' sees if it can issue you an extension of credit over your given CL. For example, if you have a $500 CL and want to make a purchase of $800, if you have a solid credit history with the Kay card, they will up your CL so you can make that $800 purchase. You will never be over your limit, but your utilization goes up. That might have been why you saw a hard pull on your report.
Comment 4 by snicks
Hard Inq User Icon on 2008-08-21

Remarks Card had over $4,000 avail credit on it... I did not req any kind of increase at all. just used it in July for a pair of earrings which have been paid for. this order was less than 300...guess I should call them to find out why they did the inq... As I said I just really did not want another hard inq on my cred report...

on another note... Jared Jewelers website started online shopping today... I know some members here have both the kays and jared cards. before this at the Jared site you could not make online purchases. not that I will be buying..(don't need anymore inquiries!)
Comment 5 by hodgebutt
Me Too User Icon on 2008-08-21

Remarks That's how it is with my card too. Although I have almost $3000 of available credit, when I've bought two separate earring purchases, they always tell me they can extend my credit to 'x amount' if I wanted to do so that day...
Comment 6 by debtor00
Kays User Icon on 2008-08-21

Remarks I worked at Kays for over 3 years during college, and I can tell you there really is no rhyme or reason to why they do those hard pulls other than... They can so they will... Generally, they do them if you haven't used your account in a long time to be sure you still meet their credit criteria, but that is not always. The case. I shot my own self in the foot a couple of months back by applying for a Jared's account in an attempt to double my available credit from 5k to 10k, but it backfired (as I was afraid it would) and they took that hard pull opportunity to see the crazy number of inquiries I had on my account an reduce my credit limit to zero. I noticed the reduction on a credit monitoring site and called them to to get it raised back. They said all I had to do is show my id when I made a purchase, but since I'm not in any desperate need of overpriced jewelry right now I just sock drawered it. It could be better now, but just a couple of years ago I had a friend of mine that worked there telling me how antiquated they still were. If you wanted to use your account and they felt the need to do a hard pull for whatever reason, the store would get a call from the credit office telling them they were rechecking you and then your most current credit limit would come accross a dot matrix printer!!!
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