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Written by: casey on 2007-07-04

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casey's review: Callout Comment Back in April, I wrote a review on my account on how bad Capital One treated me. They opened me an account in 12/2006 with an initial credit line of $3000. In April 2007, they gave me a $500 increase, raising me to $3500. All of a sudden on April 27, 2007, they LOWERED my credit line to $1996. I was furious with them and complained. They said they made an error and issued me too high of a credit line, and they had to fix it. I never had a late payment or over limit occurrence, no defaults, nothing to prompt this. I also have a MasterCard with them with a $2500 limit, so I thought they were rewarded me for the good history. WRONG! I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on Them, and heard nothing until today, July 3, 2007. They told me the same thing, they have the right to change the credit limit, and it was a mistake. They said they regret upsetting me and that wasn't their intent. But they did! I sort of can understand that they made a mistake with the original credit line, but to give me an increase 4 months later, and then take it away like that, plus an additional $1004? How can I not be upset? I am paying off the card, I will never use them again. Ever! They keep sending me those damn purchase checks in the mail, plus pre approved me for $21000 in auto financing, even sent me the "blank check', I'll walk to work before I ever let them finance me. Go figure, approve me for $21000 car loan, but I can't have my $3500 credit limit back. I hate them. I can't wait till the day I pay it off and call to close it, I no they will try to "retain" me, but I will have the last laugh.

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