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Written by: shark6 on 2008-08-17

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shark6's review: Callout Comment My DH went into BB today and got approved for the BB store card with a limit of $3k. He purchased 2 computers and the main reason he went there was to take advantage of the 2yr no interest financing only available on the BB store card.

I am not sure what CB they pulled yet, I have to wait for the credit monitoring service to notify us but his EQ Fico score is 697.

BTW, he went there after he had done some yard work and he called me to tell me that the customer service sucked. He said that he felt that the lady thought that he would not get approved for the card. She asked him how much he was approved for. He also asked for the optimization program to done to the desktop (it costs $30), when they rang him up they forgot to put it on.

When he told the lady this, she said ok, we can rering but it will look like you max out your card for a few days. My DH said that's ok, I'm going to charge it. She then said, 'you know if you charge the $30 on the BB card, you will only g et 90days same as cash and not the 2yrs 0 financing'. He said, he told her, 'lady, this is a debit card I'm using, I have no interest in charging $30 on a credit card.

Moral of the story: You really are treated the way you look sometimes and it is not fair. My DH probably could have purchased 20 laptops and desktops little, did she know.


Comment 1 by thomas1
Best Buy User Icon on 2008-08-17

Remarks That's a real shame that happened to him. You're right, people take one look at you and automatically assume something like that by appearances.

But, congrats on his approval of 3k. Thats a nice limit for BB, and will help with utilization.

I hope he asked for a supervisor to express his disgust in how he was treated. That kind of treatment would chase me to the next competitor, but I do like Best Buy.
Comment 2 by desihunk17
Woow User Icon on 2008-08-17

Remarks I thought it only happen to me... I had the same thing happen... I went out to buy a car with my sister... Basically I was buying a range rover which was around $80000.00 and the sales guy thought I was joking when I walking in to the delar ship... He treated me like I was a kid... I mean I m 22 but I was treated like I was 10... After verything I told him dude this is not my first range rover and my dad is paying for it... He just shocked... After pulling my credit report and seing a car loan for a rangerover that I bought 3years a go... Haha... I loved tht look on his face..
Comment 3 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-08-18

Remarks Congrats on the new approval. That's a nice limit and remember, don't base a CSR's performance on how the whole company works. I'm sure the supervisor would've done something about this and expressed his apologies for the way you were treated.
Comment 4 by shark6
Awesome Financing. User Icon on 2008-08-18

Remarks My DH is a Geminin and for the most part his quiet twin rules. I'm the ying to his yang and if I was there, you bet your dear life that I would have served up some nice humble pie and then asked the CSR if they would like a piece.

Trust me, the ONLY reason he went there over CC was because of the incredible financing, 2yrs interest free is fantastic. I have to say that this was surprising as last weekend, we visited a new BB store in the 'backwater' areas and had great customer service so I'm not sure what was stuck in this lady's craw.

Yes, $3k is great and I had been working on my DHs credit which was very good in any event but he had 2 settlements and 2 med cos (1paid and 1 not paid). I disputed and got 1 of the settled CCs to be deleted from all of the CBs and the paid collection to be deleted as well as the unpaid co deleted from 1 bureau. His scores are within a hairs breath of 700, 697. His utilization is 23% and I'm sure if he got it down to 10%, he would be around 720.
Comment 5 by mrrob
Enjoy User Icon on 2008-08-18

Remarks Sorry your DH was treated so horribly, I would have asked to see a supervisor, but nevertheless, he got the card and the computers, enjoy them
Comment 6 by mskiwi
Excellent CL User Icon on 2008-08-19

Remarks Congrats on the great cl and new puters. Shame on the csr, I would at least let the store mgr know of her behavior.
Comment 7 by shark6
Equifax User Icon on 2008-08-20

Remarks They pulled Equifax and his scores dropped 2pts for the inqury.
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