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Written by: amanda on 2007-07-01

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amanda's review: I received an invitation for this card back in December, everything looked legit so I applied and payed extra to receive the card faster. At first I was happy, I got the card within a few days.

The problems started to arise when I got my first statement. I have always used my banks "bill-pay" service with no problems whatsoever. I made the first payment (which my bank sent 4 days in advance) and they said they did not receive the payment. It took them over 7 days to receive my payment. So they gladly waived my late fee this time. I tried again the following month a week in advance. They still did not receive my payment on time. Late fee assessed. I am not in the process of closing this account I sent over $1000 to the company two weeks in advance and they still have not received it. I'm beginning to think they do this on purpose so they can charge me late fees. If I use their service to pay the card I have to pay $4.95 extra and of course after I make a payment directly with them that my payment I sent off magically clears the following day.

As far as customer service goes it is the WORST. I have no problems with foreign service, but not one person I talked to understood anything I was trying to say. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they were on lunch.

It is an ongoing battle with the company, and I would highly suggest if possible to close the account and go elsewhere.

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