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Written by: anonymous on 2007-06-30

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anonymous's review: Callout Comment This is the card that I have long contemplated applying for. I had some credit problems in college (typical late payments that poor college students will experience from time to time), but had kept an immaculate credit record for the last 4 years. Although my credit score is shy of the 800 I thought was needed for this card, my annual income is pretty high, so I'm sure my income/credit profile was the key here. My suggestion: if your credit score is in the upper 600-lower 700 range, but your income somewhere around 6 figures or greater, you probably have a good chance of receiving this card.

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Comment 1 by gilsmokey980
Re: Approved! User Icon on 2011-08-05

Remarks I had some credit issues from college as well and recently got fed up with capital one not wanting to increase my CL so I applied and got in.

My base income is about $140k and I own a home but dont live there. I had 3 regular cards, and 1 store card, and a mortgage I have never been late on.

I spend roughly $5k/mo on the card and have no problems. I do travel alot for work so its a great fit for me.
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