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Written by: arod on 2008-08-11

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arod's review: Callout Comment I wasn't going to apply but I need a card that will help my credit and I saw it here I applied... Walla Approved for $2000 credit line don't know yet the Apr. No Annual fee.

Thanks Bieanciapoo and Davis06

This card wont be use that much since I don't have much store card I need to add some Target and KayJewelers is fine.

Thank you to all,



Comment 1 by john1979
Decent Promo's User Icon on 2008-08-12

Remarks My wife and I applied for this card a few months back when purchasing a mothers day ring. They pulled from equifax and FICOs at the time were 675 and 750. Approved for 7650. 12 months/no interest but still PIF after 2nd statement. Good luck to all those that apply for this card.
Comment 2 by davis06
Congrat's Alex! User Icon on 2008-08-12

Remarks All this good news is really making my week! :-)
Comment 3 by kmoney
I Got Approved Too User Icon on 2008-08-12

Remarks Yippee and congratulations to all that have gotten approved
Comment 4 by beanciapoo
Congratulations User Icon on 2008-08-17

Remarks Wow, I am happy for you. I see you could not resist. Way to go. You are on the road now!!! Congratulations once again!!!
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