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Written by: john on 2007-06-28

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john's review: Callout Comment If you are rebuilding your credit in any way, Orchard Bank is an excellent card to have.

My experience: I started with a Secured Card, and made on time payments for about 8 months. I think then called them, and SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED being upgraded to a standard Orchard Bank unsecured card. They did that, and I held onto that card for about a year. Recently (last week), I called and asked for another upgrade. They approved me for an upgrade to an Orchard Bank Gold Card, and then suggested that I wait a few months and ask for another upgrade to the Platinum Card (assuming all payments are on time and the balance is held under 50% of the total credit line).

The customer service representative also made a KEY suggestion to me that I would like to share. You should call EVERY MONTH and ask for a decrease in your interest rate. The company runs specials that will allow customers to decrease their credit interest rates - especially the good paying customers that pay on time and keep their balances low (under 50%). I really never have read the flyers they put into their mailings, so I am now calling to request lower interest rates.

They don't run your credit report when you request the lower interest rate. Rather, the system looks at your payment history to determine if it can lower your rate at all.

Just my experience. Please- anyone chime in if they have additional information.


FICO: 590

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