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Written by: kimi on 2008-08-08

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kimi's review: Callout Comment I opened this account back in 11/06 as a secured account with only $300 cl. 9 months later I called bofa and asked them to graduate it to non secured, they did and gave me $500 cli.

In 6/08 I called bofa again and asked them to convert it to bofa AMEX acceleratd rewards card, bofa approved the conversion after a month and I received the black AMEX with $1300 cl.

I used the Visa card heavely in the past two years with purchases exceeding $9000 in total, never late, zerood it out almost every statement period, used no more than 19%, except one month I came to 70% of my limit and zero out before it was due, I remember a really good thing about this Visa card and bofa dispute department is that they returned me $260 in charges that I disputed to a crook mechanic who didn't fix my car right.

I really didn't want to right this review since every body will try to do the same thing with bofa (the great),(the bank), the bank of all banks, but since FG helped me out this a tribute to FG or pay back review.

I'm gonna write a review on the AMEX card minutes later.

My current scores according to chase id protection which I don't recommend to any body since it is not a good credit monitoring service is experian 651, TU 676, equifax 670.

I belive that bofa has the best customer service, that is better than American Express itself where I found people who couldn't speak English right, and I loath chase, and detest Citi HSBC and all the big crooks out there.

Still there is a lot of people still wanna go with first premire and other cards that lowers their scores and empties their wallet, to them I say god bless!!!


Comment 1 by rwmtd
Congrats User Icon on 2008-08-08

Remarks Kimi, I just started with BofA myself (I have a secured card opened in June of this year). I hope that my experiences are as positive as yours have been.

Again, congrats!
Comment 2 by arod
Congrats!!! User Icon on 2008-08-09

Remarks Congrats On your your BOA but I had the same from Citibank and Amex

But if you have a good relation with Boa its great.

Good Luck to you,

Comment 3 by dee9090
Unsecured User Icon on 2008-08-09

Remarks I wanted to know when you had the secured card, was it possible for you to make addiional payments to increase your credit limit.

Congrats on upgrade
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: Dee User Icon on 2008-08-09

Remarks Dee, you can always deposit more money into your secured card to increase your limit.
Comment 5 by kimi
Dee User Icon on 2008-08-09

Remarks Yes, dee, if it's secured you can deposit up to 20k, on the non secured I used to charge and pay it of 1 t 3 times a month, this way you don't make your utilization high, while giving them the impression that youre able to pay.
Comment 6 by sg2416
Thanks For The Info! User Icon on 2008-08-10

Remarks I also got a secure card through BOA in May 08, and I am glad to know that BOA secure card holders can request the card turned into a non-secure card before the one year mark hits. I love my BOA card, it has open other doors for me in a positive way. I have been able to get other cards I no I would not have been able to get. Congratulations on your card being converted, that's has to make you feel pretty good!
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