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Written by: sharon on 2007-06-25

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sharon's review: Just got a call from Tribute. Luckily I had my laptop logged up during the call so I googled them while I was being "read" their info, and none of what I was being "read" matched up to the info on their site - was told no fees yet the annual fee is $150, plus $6 a month membership... As someone who has 1) telemarketed for a LEGIT phone company and 2) who ha her purse stolen and CC racked up to over $10,000 in less than 24 hours. I STRONGLY do not recommend any company that 1) cannot offer any written material BEFORE you agree and 2) call from a country that has their # blocked and sent through 3 or 4 switches (this makes it impossible to track) BEWARE!!! If the company is legit they will ALWAYS send out info before you agree. Tribute, wise up!!! If you want new customers, send info and then call!!

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