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Written by: eric on 2007-06-24

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eric's review: Callout Comment I recently applied for a discover more card. Through the advise of this website, it said that I would need a 750 +. Well I don't have a 750+, but I do have a 660 FICO. Well I was declined for the Discover More and the Discover business card. But they did say I qualified for the HSBC Direct Rewards Platinum Discover card. About a week later I received the card. Most discover cards have cashback rewards. Not this one. Its has rewards in points for gifts. Now I have 2 other credit cards with HSBC or Household bank. I have been a customer with HSBC since 2001. Never missed a payment or been over my credit limit. They gave me a credit limit for the discover for $1000. Purchases are 2.9% for the first 9 months. Now the only downfall that I have with the card is the $59 annual fee. Website is easily accessible. AND you can add a authorized user to the account instead of having a joint account. Me and my wife had to have a joint account because they couldn't add her as a authorized user to my HSBC card-after I had the card for 4 years by myself. I plan on using this account with my business. Sams Club wont accept AMEX but they do accept Discover. So far not too bad. We will see and I will keep you all posted.


Comment 1 by eric
RE: MEYA User Icon on 2007-07-19

Remarks Hey Meya... Here is a discover card that may fit you. Its a HSBC Discover card that is offered if you when you apply for a regular Discover card and get declined. Its a great card so far. They gave me a $1000 line with a intro rate of 2.9% for 9 months. After that 14.9%. Now the only downfall to this card is that there is NO CASHBACK program. They have a rewards program that is 1 point for each dollar you spend on the account. Now I looked at the items that they have in their reward catalog and I WAS NOT impressed. 2000 points for a $5 gift card! 21,000 points for ipod shuffle! Come on! Thats $21,000! The online system is great! Free bill pay, you can activate the account from its website, and they graph your spending into categories. Yes they actually breakdown your spending into groceries, recreational, gas, etc which I thought was pretty cool. I received the card within 10 days of applying at discover.com. There is another downfall with this account. I was charged a $59 yearly fee which I was unaware of until I activated it online. Maybe some people don't have the fee but I got it. So if your looking for a card with the Discover logo on it and arent concerned about great rewards or cash back, you might want to consider this card. Also I don't know a specific website that you could apply directly for this card or which credit bureau they pull from. I just applied for a discover from discover.com and they said I qualified for this card.
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Eric User Icon on 2007-07-19

Remarks I am on my way to read more about the card. I responded more about it in the Citibank RE you sent me. Thanks Eric, I have seen this card before but I never tried to apply for it. I was targeting student cards because I thought they were easier to get while attending school. I guess not!
Comment 3 by meya
HBSC (1 Card At A Time) User Icon on 2007-07-19

Remarks Hey Eric, I just found out that you can only have 1 HBSc card at a time. I already have an HSBC card so I am disqualified without an inquiry... Whew!
Comment 4 by eric
RE:meya User Icon on 2007-07-19

Remarks LOL yea... I have 3 accts with them... A Household Mastercard, a Orchard Bank Mastercard, and a HSBC Discover... I thought you were allowed atleast 2 accounts. The only difference on my Discover is I have Jr. On my name but Im sure that couldn't have made a difference because my SS#. Well atleast it wasn't a hard inquiry on you Meya.
Comment 5 by meya
Re: All User Icon on 2007-07-20

Remarks I love this website, but I just found another one that lets you research which credit cards pulls certain credit agencies. It's called "credit pulls" its were people tell you which credit card company pulled either their tu, eq, or ex. They dedicate their scores to you and a whole lot of stuff. The chat room is very cool, but I am having a hard time posting because I keep seeing errors. I love this site (Finance Globe)because it is very easy to manage and everyone is friendly. Here is the link inside the brackets [http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php] or just go to creditboards.com. Let me know how you like it.
Comment 6 by casey
RE: Meya User Icon on 2007-07-20

Remarks Hi Meya, you definitely can have more than 1 HSBC card, I have FOUR! I have the orchard MasterCard, the Best Buy RewardZone MasterCard, and 2 discovers, the Direct Rewards card, and the Direct merchants bank discover. The discovers are really good, both have no annual fee, but the direct rewards is the better of the two. High credit line($2000), low rate, easy on line access and free next day bill pay. I love the card, just don't use it EVER for pay at the pump gas, huge hold on available credit, and it won't drop off for 2 weeks. I also don't use it at a sit down restauarant, because if you add the tip to the card, it won't match the initial authorization, and that puts another hold on the card, 2 weeks, it is a discover thing... Otherwise a good card. Good luck! Oh by the way, try not to call customer service, usually foreign and you can't understand them, and HSBC won't rest until they try to sell you payment protection...
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