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Written by: rmaag22 on 2008-08-06

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rmaag22's review: Callout Comment I have this card and ever since I have a had it I have had the company calling me at work calling me at home asking me questions making me feel like I'm some criminal. I have never had any other credit card company's treat me this way or ask for information like I had them do with me. I wouldn't recomend any of their cards because once your in with them it's next to impossible to get out! I dropped all 4 cards I have with them and will never go back.


Comment 1 by arod
No Offense !!! User Icon on 2008-08-06

Remarks Why are they calling you at work. Telemarketing

If you owe AMEX they will call you... But I would like to know why they are harassing you.


Comment 2 by thomas1
AMEX User Icon on 2008-08-06

Remarks Must be telemarketing... They are HORRIBLE with it, or they used to be. I got so sick of it too, so glad I don't have them anymore. I'll get mine thru Citi instead of Amex itself.

Hopefully, you don't owe them anything, or they will hound you to death, at home and work continuously...
Comment 3 by wildrage2
Amex User Icon on 2008-08-06

Remarks Amex is very good at some things, and very bad at others. Their CS is good. They are very helpful at helping to book hotels, flights, and travel arangements...come to think of it, they are very good to use for travelling. That being said, they are very finicky(sp?) and unpredictable.

So like I said, good for travel, hotel, buying theater tickets... But I wouldn't recommend them as an 'every day' card.
Comment 4 by cireone
AMEX User Icon on 2008-08-07

Remarks With my experience with them they only called to try and sell credit protection and monitoring services. The other call was to upgrade to a Platinum Delta Skymiles which wasn't any better other than the companion ticket and redeemable skymile points. Even with the upgrade they didn't increase my CL but increased the AF. Its ridiculous.
Comment 5 by jkland
Demand Control User Icon on 2008-08-07

Remarks I would demand to management that they do not call you at work. Let them know that this is embarrasing and harrasing!
Comment 6 by mrrob
Its A Pain User Icon on 2008-08-07

Remarks I remember the calls as well. It was mainly telemarketing and also they trying to get me to add persons to my account.
Comment 7 by rmaag22
STAY AWAY FROM AMERICAN EXPRESS!!! User Icon on 2008-08-07

Remarks I only owed them $300.00 and have never been late on any payments with them and on my other card I owe them nothing. They put both my cards on a freeze. I have great credit and have never been late on any payment. So when they called me they asked me to fill out a form so they can go check out my taxes. So when they started doing all this I just payed the card off in full. Things are just to complicated with American Express. They try to make you feel kinda criminal it's wierd. Anyway after I paid my balance off in full the next day on both cards the freeze came off. They were literally begging me to stay as a member. I think the key is getting them so they have no leverage on you. Because if they have any they will scwilch your balls until you have no life in you! But I just turned the table on them and played the game. Sorry that's the only description I can come up for ya. Sorry so Explicit. Anyway guys I will never do business with them again. I would just be very careful with them. They treat you like gold if you have no balance but once you have one they will complely switch on you and there all a sudden not so friendly.
Comment 8 by kiejon9
Amex User Icon on 2008-08-11

Remarks Well last weekend Amex Feezs all of my acc then called telling me that they need for me to fax over some Info Like my last years W-2 and bank acc Info I don't know why AMEX ask for this info but I thanking about saying F Amex
Comment 9 by meya
What!!! User Icon on 2008-08-11

Remarks That is so wrong, if they feel his way then why don't they ask for your income before approval? This is crazy. NO Amex for me! That is embarrassing, what if you were out of town and depended on Amex to get you back home? I have heard of a horror story here in the Network about this incident. I have not heard of this from other tier one creditors. I guess people better upload their tax returns on the computer because Amex will be asking for them very soon.
Comment 10 by kiejon9
Amex User Icon on 2008-08-11

Remarks Well today AMEX no longer have any holds on my acc after paying off my accs sometime amex is full of sh** man
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