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Written by: desihunk17 on 2008-07-29

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desihunk17's review: Callout Comment I have had this card for 14months... Started of with $2000... And up to $12000... Great I know... But when I applied for another Citicard they said... They cant approv me because I have late payment... With them which I don't... Becuase I pay like 10time in a month... To keep account balance 0... Highest I used this card was like 1200... Thats it... That like 10% of my credit limit... I don't know what to say about this bank.


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: Desihunk User Icon on 2008-07-29

Remarks Did you call CS for a reconsideration?
Comment 2 by desihunk17
Yupp User Icon on 2008-07-29

Remarks Yes I did... Still same story... Called like 5times...
Comment 3 by thomas1
Citi User Icon on 2008-07-30

Remarks Not sure what happened there. Possibly the age of all total accounts is two recent, or possibly the c/o on the bureau prompted them to deny a second account. I do know one thing, Citi likes very clean reports, long account histories, and low utilization on other accounts. Or, they are tightening their credit extending due to the economy.

Having worked for them for several years, I've seen them just flat out deny sescond accounts due to economic trends. They are having their own issues, but who knows??

Maybe you could convert your current account into another card program that offers you what you want. You might have better luck there, or just ask for reconsideration. Good luck!!
Comment 4 by karatz
I Have One Of Their Cards Too... User Icon on 2008-07-30

Remarks The dividends one... I'm just as confused as you are. I've had a few issues with their online payment thing and their auto pay thing. Each time, the first person I talk to is a complete idiot. I ask for the supervisor, and ka ching, they understand what I'm asking and give me correct and logical answers - and fix their error. Ya, you can ask for great immediate service, but remember, they need to make money too. That means the first person that answers your call must be a minimum wage person. Not that I intend to stereo type minimum wage people as stupid, but that's were many people start. The smart ones don't stay at minimum wage very long.

As for the "they cant approv me because I have late payment". Because you got denied, you are entitled to a free credit report from all three agencies. Get it and find that late payment. If they say it's there, you probably have it somewhere you're not aware of. If you only have one somewhere else, it's possible to get the company to remove it. Improvise, :)

Hope this helps
Comment 5 by thomas1
Citi User Icon on 2008-08-02

Remarks If you find no late payment, copy the report and forward to their credit department. After they see this, it will more than likely be approved. But make sure your report is correct also by disputing it. The issuer who reported you late has to verify it or delete it. Hopefully, you also have all your statements according to the bank who reported you.

AND, Citi has been known to pull old reports as well, and if you have had any lates in the say, last 2 years, they will deny due to that. I have heard some examples here on FG where old reports might have been pulled and denials based off of them. Be alert, and always check your reports. I hope you get it cleared up and get your card!
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